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Formatting Images [edit source]

Warren, once you embed the image in your edit screen (while you are still editing), you can right click on the image itself and there are fields to change the height and width of that image.  You can also change the positioning, right, center, left.   Please let me know if I can help.

Jane  evancol

Thank you Jane -[edit source]

      I will submit some new photos at regular size and try what you gave me above.

I really need some other help! 

Can you direct me to someone, if not yourself, who can help me with my current project for our WIKI Family History Library page?
I am having a real learning curve problem in my efforts to modify our Los Angeles Family History Library site to look similar to the Riverton FamilySearch Library site.
Our director here asked me to do so and I started with my Sandbox1, getting the Riverton_Menu template to show and putting in my image...
But, as time has proven, when I learn something new, that seems to be an explanation or step to do the changeover, it comes with more than the obvious, preventing my from moving forward.
I contacted a mentor, but he is busy with his stuff, and I am on a time crunch. In the meantime, I have created 4 sandboxes, a template that doesn't work, and a page that doesn't open to the link it should. I am betting that the template and page that does not open will have to be removed.

Warren   warrendaniel

Warren ....  I will be glad to help you get up and running.  It sounds like you may be trying to use the template incorrectly.  I will take a look.   Are you on Skype that I can contact you ?


Jane ....   It is 11:49 am here ( Pacific time).  I can Skype with my laptop, but not right now.   Will you be available in an hour or two? 


I should be here until about 3 p.m. your time, maybe later.  I fixed your template and have it on the page for you.


Questions[edit source]

Hi Warren ....  Yes, that box at the top of my screen takes you to the next spot on my talk page and opens up a place for you to leave me a message.  Feel free to go back and give it a try if you would like. We missed you yesterday in training.  I am going to e-mail you again so you will have my address.

Jane  evancol 18:53, 7 October 2011 (UTC)