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Paul Joseph[edit source]

Your article on Paul Joseph is not in line with the policies of the wiki. Articles on individuals are not allowed. This wiki is to help people know where to find information and how to gain access to it. You article is well written and we would recommend you put this information on another site such as Wikipedia. Your article will be deleted. Wiki Support Team.

Your Opinions[edit source]

You need to review the guidelines for the wiki. Here it is: From Wiki Policies and Guidelines: Neutral Point of View

The Research Wiki must be written from a neutral point of view, representing fairly, and as far as possible without bias, all significant views of family history related topics that have been published by reliable sources. This allows those who will come to use and depend on the knowledge contained within the Research Wiki, to see and try all techniques and suggestions for finding records about their ancestors. Neutral point of view also requires the citation of sources that are authoritative and verifiable. Avoid unduly personal points of view, personal opinion, personal experiences, or arguments. The Research Wiki is not a soapbox, a place to include personal testimonials, or stories of research success, or an advertising platform. Avoid being dogmatic. Overly religious, political, ethnic, cultural, historic, and nationalistic discussions tend to be biased, one-sided, and rarely apply to family history research, records, or instruction. The best way to avoid being personal or dogmatic is to write with a neutral point of view and cite authoritative sources for the ideas you express. Strive to fairly explain any competing points of view that differ from your own. Even though this site is sponsored by a religious entity, it is neither reviewed nor correlated for doctrinal correctness, and therefore, should not become a forum for doctrinal discussions or discourses—even ones that are purely informational in nature. Other sites may exist for this purpose, especially and may be linked to from within the Research Wiki.

Even though your material is very detailed and informative as to the history of these peoples and the area around them, they do not give any information on how to find genealogically based material for them. The wiki is NOT a place to voice one's opinions of past history or personalities.

We advise you to seriously consider rewriting your material in light of the wiki guidelines as stated above. Please give serious consideration to them. Otherwise we will remove the article. Your cooperation is most earnestly requested in this matter. Ccsmith 23:57, 16 January 2015 (UTC) Wiki Support Team

Bold Print[edit source]

Hello Samsnames,

Thank you for the many edits you have contributed. We are impressed. However, using bold print for a whole page is not appropriate. So we have changed some of the bold, please remove all but those used to make a point. Parrisl 04:10, 29 April 2014 (UTC) Wiki Support Team

Welcome[edit source]

Hi Samsnames,

Thank you for your edits and contributions onWiki FamilySearch Anishinabe page. We invite you to continue to edit and contribute to this page as well as other pages of interest as you accrue additional information. You are so appreciated!

Welcome Committee

We love your historical information and welcome all of your contributions. Sometimes a bit of anger seems to come across and we are hopeful that you can keep all of your articles as impersonal as possible.  They are lovely articles and the historical content is valuable.

Your User Page[edit source]

You are invited to click on the"User Page" tab at the top of this page just under the"FamilySearch" tree. Here you are given the opportunity to tell about yourself, your interests and desires as far as genealogy is concerned. Thank you in advance for taking the time to allow the Wiki readers a chance to get to know you.

Thank you[edit source]

Your work on the Native American page is wonderful. There are many image fills in the Wiki and many about the Native Americans are under Category:Indians of North America. Sandralpond 12:45, 16 May 2014 (UTC)

New Contributor Lessons[edit source]

Hello! Thank you so much for your contributions to the FamilySearch Wiki. We are pleased to share a series of seven weekly lessons that you may take at your convenience. They are designed to help you get comfortable using the Wiki. We have shared the first two lessons below:

Lesson 1.

Create Your User Page:

Lesson 2.

Create Your Sandbox:

Marilynbgardner49 12:31, 6 July 2014 (UTC)