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Page title[edit source]

The page needs to be moved to the correct namespace, so it needs to be titled "FamilySearch Wiki:Community Center.

Interesting facts about the original page[edit source]

  • In March 2011, there were 480 visits to the page, so it's getting traffic.

Things whose inclusion on this page are questionable[edit source]

  1. FamilySearch Indexing Couldn't this be construed as a project?
  2. Welcoming Committee. Is this really just a project or does it really need its own link on this page?

Things I removed from the original Community Center page[edit source]

  • The New Wiki Users link leads to a page that tries to be everything to everyone.
  • Research Questions Answered 24/7 leads to the forums. It's a mystery meat link because you have to click it to know where it's going to lead. This could be solved by having just one forums link that is descriptive instead of just a link.
  • Genealogy Tools is a collection of links that doesn't feel very instructive.
  • Free Online Courses. Free FamilySearch courses online are wonderful, but it isn't clear why they would be linked from a Community Center page. What is the Community Center really? What is its real purpose?
  • Wiki Contributors Forum only leads to the forums home page, not the Contributors' Corner forum.
  • Good Research Practices. A link with this wording should lead to a page that's only about research practices, not about contributing too. And why put a link about research methodology on a Community Center page? How is methodology about community?
  • Editing pages seems too granular for this page. Links leading to beginning and advanced editing pages should be better.
  • New to genealogy is a great page about starting genealogy research, but has nothing to do with community.