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This is a new article page ("New to Research") which requires further development.  If you have suggestions about what topics should be covered under the scope of "advanced training" please add your suggestions to this page.

We are looking for,
1) topics that should be covered
(main subjects for each of the 8 areas in the bullet hub), and
2) specific articles that could be considered "advanced"
(or are at least not covered under the "New to genealogy - Learning the basics" hub).

Note: 3rd level hubs can still be installed if a particular section needs additional material or if multiple articles should be highlighted (create a path).

To start with the following idea is being considered.

The "beginning" series

Should a page (initial article) be created that lists all the wiki articles such as:

Beginning United States Civil War Research

Hungary Beginning Research

Beginning Japanese Research

Major Databases for Beginning United States Research

Beginning African American Research

Beginning Land and Property Research

Spain Getting Started

etc, etc, etc

An alternative to the above: The research process - the big picture

Other major topic areas?
[edit source]

Research aids - Clues from old photos

Record types - Vital, historical, and localities

Research analysis - Is the source relevant?

Results documentation - Are the sources verifiable?

Studying patterns - Immigration routes

On the ground - When leg work is needed

Hiring a professional - What to expect and ask for

center image - Further reading

Other suggestions, changes, or additions?[edit source]

Yammer conversation: Robert Givens
These are very good pages. I have a couple of suggestions:
1) in New to Research - You really need the simplistic description of the research process. That is key to teaching people new to genealogy. Focus in on one thing and carry the search for that one piece of info through to the end.
2) In Research Aids - you need to put the links to family group sheets, pedigree charts, research logs, census forms, etc.

All the things I mentioned are already in Wiki but are hard to locate unless you a) already know about them, and b) kind of know where they are.

The conceptual design of these pages is great - though a lot of people will not be able to distinguish what you are trying to say by have a page "New to Genealogy?" and another "New to Research?"

All input is welcome. Please add above this line.