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Daffy Green, Norfolk page[edit source]

Thank you for your contributions to the Norfolk Parish pages. A suggestion for increasing the usefulness of the Daffy Green, Norfolk and similar pages. It is a bit confusing to just have a link to the Scarning page. However if there was a brief explanation about Daffy Green it would be more helpful and would also make the Google look-up for the page more inviting. For example: Daffy Green is a (city, town or village?) in the Scarning Parish. The location within the Parish would also be helpful. Sincerely, Parrisl 18:14, 28 February 2014 (UTC)


Hi Norfolk contributor. My name is Nathan Murphy. I work for FamilySearch. My email is I'm reaching out to you because you have made contributions to pages in Norfolk. I am part of the English Parishes project on FamilySearch Wiki. We have plans in the works to add content to parish pages in Norfolk in 2014. Our goal is to standardise and add useful content to parish pages throughout England. The major addition we propose this year is to add links to websites that contain online transcripts and images of parish registers. Here is an example of the table of links we have envisioned. We invite you to participate and join the England Parishes project. You can join by adding your signature to the Contributors list by making four tildes ~~~~. Learn more. Murphynw 23:34, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

Welcome...[edit source]


The Welcoming Committee is here to support you and offer a warm welcome to a Community that loves Family History. Thank you for your contributions! Please continue editing and consider joining the Welcoming Committee or Projects Seeking Contributors where you may work with experienced users who will help you feel comfortable. This message is posted on your talk page which is associated with your personal User Page. You may practice editing on the Wiki by creating a User Page about yourself. We hope you like this place and decide to join in.

There are a few pages you may find helpful:

You may find additional editing assistance from experienced contributors in the Social Groups on We have groups for Newbies to the Wiki, Help for Wiki Contributors and Wiki Tech Power Users. Please sign your name only on discussion/talk pages using four tildes (~). This will automatically create your username with a timestamp for your comments. If you need personal assistance, feel free to contact the Welcoming Committee Members.

Again, welcome! CK Whipple 00:00, 5 January 2010 (UTC)

To all FamilySearch Wiki Contributors: An apology is in order...[edit source]

By way of introduction, my name is Ben Bennett and I’ve recently joined the FamilySearch team as the product manager for the Wiki and Forums. Put simply, my job is to ensure that your experience, as contributors and users of the Wiki and Forums is excellent. To this end, an apology is in order.
As you know, we recently implemented a new user ID/sign in process for the FamilySearch Wiki. As we implemented this new system, I personally heard from many of you. You shared with me problems that were occurring for you as you tried to sign in, edit or do other things that resulted in lost work, lost time and frustration for you, our key contributors and users. Please accept my sincere apology for the poor performance and poor experience associated with the Wiki during the past few weeks. Please also accept my commitment that the FamilySearch team will learn from this experience and do all that we can to prevent situations like this in the future. To this end, I wanted to share with you ...CONTINUE

Support Team Meeting[edit source]

Jana ...  I hope you learned something from the Support Team meeting this morning.  I know sometimes we get into some things that are so specific to a special area that they don't make much sense to anyone that hasn't dealt with those pages.  I think you said you were working on county pages.  I worked on a lot of county pages when I first came to the wiki, so if I can ever help you with anything, please feel free to call on me.  We hope to see you at the meeting again soon.   Jane  (Wiki Support)   evancol 16:20, 27 March 2012 (UTC)

Transparent Images[edit source]

Jana, the image is working ok for me with the transparency intact.  

See it at the bottom of one of my sandbox pages... 


The black square you see on the original image is actually just showing the boundries of the image.  Most images with transparent backgrounds look like they have a black square around them until they are in use on a live page.  Then the transparency is witnessed as the background color or design.

If you want the black background, you'd need to either find an image that has a black background or put the current transparent image on a page with a black background, then screen capture the image and save it.   That will keep the presentation the same as what you see on your screen at the time of capture.

Let me know if you have problems or need help. --Ldrew 21:25, 7 June 2012 (UTC)


Hum, when I look at the image on your sandbox page link it shows the black square. But you say on your machine, when you look at it there is no black square???  So is it a browser interpratation thing of PNG files?  I'm using Firefox on an imac.

JanaStokes 22:18, 7 June 2012 (UTC)

Image Follow up Note[edit source]

The transparent image isn't displaying correctly on an iMac with Firefox. It may be due to the age of the browser. It displays correctly (transparent background) with all 5 major browsers in use on Windows based machines as of this date.

--Ldrew 22:43, 7 June 2012 (UTC)

Green check.png
The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Sister Stokes, I was Patroling your edits on :,_Pennsylvania&curid=9950&diff=1980805&oldid=1965716&rcid=1979436 . I wondered if it would be possible to include the York Co, PA Church of Jesus Christ of LDS in this list of churches. Thank you. Sister Sandra J Kennedy, missionary for FamilySearch Wiki

Sandra, the section I edited (added a source) was for multi-church sources. Below it are more detailed sections for each denomination --including the LDS church which already has links to the Membership File and a local FHC. The multi-church source section is a bit visually overwhelming with it's list of churches the bulleted sources cover. I would have put the list of churches covered for a specific citation as a separate link/page; thus keeping the multi-church source section visually streamlined. But it is good information, and I try not to say too much. I am just grateful when a page HAS information that I can use. Thank you ~~