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Llandegai War Memorial[edit source]

Welcome to to the FamilySerach Wiki and thanks for the contributions! Don't worry too much about at this stage about getting the format perfect. I can always check it and do a bit of tidying up if needed. As you can see, most of the memorials cover my part of the world (Wrexham, Denbighshire & Shropshire) so it would be great to have some from Gwynedd??? Diolch! --Bromaelor 12:22, 9 April 2012 (UTC)

Ta. I'm not computer illiterate by any means and have haunted various forums etc for donkeys years but this Wiki system is a new experience for me and a hell of a learning curve when trying to navigate the 'How to' pages etc. I'm not even sure if this is how I'm supposed to communicate! I'll be perfectly happy when I have an actual page to contribute/edit but at the moment I can't work out how to create a page in that current list which will say  Deiniolen. I have emailed the contributor called Clwydgen on Rootsweb Clwyd list asking if s/he can create the page for me ( s/he may even be you!)
Yes, that's me! I was just about to create such a page but I'm confused??? Is it Deiniolen or Llandeiniolen? How many entries for WW1 and how many for WW2? --Bromaelor 12:57, 9 April 2012 (UTC)

Llanddeiniolen is the parish. It has a number of villages within it namely Bethel, Saron, Llanddeiniolen (rural area which has the original parish Church), Penisarwaen, Brynrefail, Clwt y Bont, Deiniolen (previously called Ebenezer), Dinorwic and Rhiwlas. In terms of 'village' memorials the one at Deiniolen serves the upper half of the parish (actually a parish of it's own since 1857ish called Llandinorwig with a church and everything but mysteriously not reflected as such in most archived material such as Census) namely villages of Deiniolen/Dinorwic/Clwt y Bont and Brynrefail. A memorial in Llanddeiniolen parish churchyard (near Bethel) serves the villages of the lower half namely Bethel, Penisarwaen, Llanddeiniolen rural and some other small hamlets. To complicate matters there is also a church at Penisarwaen which has it's own memorial for that village (duplicating the main parish church info). Rhiwlas has one in the village school.

What I was contemplating starting off was the one in the upper section covering Deiniolen/Dinorwig/Clwtybont and calling the page Deiniolen.