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Livingston Parish newspaper[edit source]

Hello, my name is Rachel Poulsen and I live in Denham Springs Louisiana. I received an email from our county library stating that the local newspaper will be archived at the library beginning in March.

I noticed that you were the last person to make an edit to the livingston parish wiki page.

I’m wondering if you could add a link to this information in the wiki.

I’m hoping this message will get to you. I’m not sure how I will get a response so please email me at or call/text 2252818590. Rpoulse (talk) 08:32, 28 February 2020 (MST)

You have messed up our Reserve Button Images again on our Lehi FamilySearch Center web site - I will undo your changes[edit source]


You have changed our Reserve Button Images again for our online reservation system. The link is still active this time but the image is gone.

I will undo your changes on all of our pages to restore the Reserve Button Images.

Elder Gary Robinson Lehi FamilySearch Center 801.502.4279

Tried your suggested html code for our Reserve Button - didn't work[edit source]


I tried your suggested html code for our Reserve Button links but it doesn't work in our circumstance. Your example is linking to an internal Wiki page. Our Reserve Button is linking to an external link. When I try the suggested code, I only get an enlarged image of the Reserve Button. I believe this is why I used the Click approach. Other places in our web pages, I use the file/link method when the link is another internal wiki page.

Do you have a suggestion for external links to replace the Click code?

Elder Gary Robinson Lehi FamilySearch Center

Hello, I am Denise Poulsen, and I am a Wiki mission worker. I work to keep maintenance on the work done. I see you created Category:SEO without a category. I am happy to create the category for you, or you can create the category for SEO, which maybe something like SEO under FamilySearch Wiki. Thank you Denise Poulsen, wiki missionary