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Accuracy of an article[edit source]

This message was received via SalesForce: The document referenced in isn't relevant to the topic. It must be the wrong document. Also it seems a little odd that records from Hamburg, and nearby Stormarn would end up in the small Bavarian town of Harburg--maybe also in error. Please respond.Parrisl 16:57, 27 August 2015 (UTC)

Article names[edit source]

I think that some of your article names are too general. I've renamed a couple to give you some idea of what I mean:

Genealogies >>> Schleswig-Holstein: Genealogies
Biographies >>> Schleswig-Holstein Biographies

An article simply named "Biographies" should really include biographies from across the world! You might like to take a look at the guidelines on "Help:Name a New Article". bromaelor 14:06, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

To all FamilySearch Wiki Contributors: An apology is in order...[edit source]

By way of introduction, my name is Ben Bennett and I’ve recently joined the FamilySearch team as the product manager for the Wiki and Forums. Put simply, my job is to ensure that your experience, as contributors and users of the Wiki and Forums is excellent. To this end, an apology is in order.

As you know, we recently implemented a new user ID/sign in process for the FamilySearch Wiki. As we implemented this new system, I personally heard from many of you. You shared with me problems that were occurring for you as you tried to sign in, edit or do other things that resulted in lost work, lost time and frustration for you, our key contributors and users. Please accept my sincere apology for the poor performance and poor experience associated with the Wiki during the past few weeks. Please also accept my commitment that the FamilySearch team will learn from this experience and do all that we can to prevent situations like this in the future. To this end, I wanted to share with you ...CONTINUE