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Nice first page Julia- you should get the additional image request approved in 24 hours and can add it to the page. By all means complete the church history although we intend to do that in 2012 for the whole diocese when we have completed the catalogue data which may also appear online from the Archive. The civil registration details will arrive in next month as assignments are picked up. Well done! Whodares 20:33, 16 September 2011 (UTC) You will get a routine effusive welcome no doubt but you have already all of the information that will be added from a template welcome. Have a good year! 

Herefordshire Census is of course in need of a rethink by FamilySearch The experience of others in similar dysfunctional census pages is that if you ask for rework you will have a long wait and I tend to agree to disregrard and create your own link to church records. We are only contributing Anglican church records but might be useful to mention other churches and chapels exist or add images. Looking at the way this wiki is structured it is at present only looking at Anglican pre 1851 parishes. I know that the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire experience has been that there omissions and this approach ignores railway communities, mining and other industrial communities. In Surrey Census there are similar problems of mystery links and only single pages in the Family History Library Catalogue linked to dozens of parishes, contributors fixed Sussex which had enormous problems. If we enable a view of the catalogue microfilm in each parish for church records (chaotic though that will be in places) and offer a link to the census page for the county presumably FamilySearch will take some action to rectify in future. Whodares 08:57, 17 September 2011 (UTC)

As we know  FamilySearch have some re-working or re-engineering to do as the data used for census films has been found to be incorrect; in addition presentation problems in the wiki result. Suggest that unless confident that what appears in their microfilm listing corresponds with the correct film checked (as discussed) that we omit census paragraph and leave parish film numbers alone as well until FamilySearch resolve any problems in the months ahead. We can contribute local knowledge and leave the issues for them to resolve in future. The FamilySearch site generally is user unfriendly and it is worth checking the accuracy of their description of film content it may be incorrect! Whodares 10:38, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

Census records[edit source]

Hope the demo helped; the rich wiki problem that FamilySearch have is a pain in your county with image caption removal. I can understand reluctance to add images now! I think that the current presentation of The Family History Library films for census is poor; the problem pages we discussed with no apparent microfilm ( I cannot believe that any Public Record Office material was not microfilmed) are more likely to be deficient catalogue entry than lack of material unless the Ancestry and Find My Past show similar lack of the villages; as we saw this is not the case in the first searched. FamilySearch have a number of problems with their sites and numerous "Support" strands complicate the process of trying to point out an error. Unless you are fortunate to get through to a Genealogist employed by FamilySearch as in the Sussex parishes of East and West Dean Sussex Parishes it can be frustrating. If the reader has access to Ancestry and Find My Past they can overcome the internal FamilySearch problems; hopefully this overcomes the Herefordshire Census issues you have encountered. Hostelry 22:59, 14 January 2012 (UTC)