User group meeting agenda & minutes 25 June 2008

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Proposing ideas for this agenda[edit | edit source]

To propose or discuss ideas for this agenda, please use the Discussion tab above. As the meeting draws near, we will review the items proposed on the Discussions page and decide which ones should get highest priority on the agenda.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Administrative items[edit | edit source]

  1. Assignment of time keeper and note taker (Fran Jensen has agreed to accept this assignment)
  2. Introduction of new members: 10 seconds for name and desired takeaways.
  3. Prayer --
  4. Review of Minutes -- Thanks to David Dilts for last week's minutes.
  5. Today's agenda preview

Information items[edit | edit source]

  • Update on Mollie
  • The image process -- Anne Roach

Discussion items[edit | edit source]

Carryover from Last Week[edit | edit source]

  • Events Page -- James Anderson
  • Increasing Traffic to the Wiki (see the Discussion tab for a suggested website to review) -- Stephen Bobowski

New Items[edit | edit source]

  • Where to Add Agenda Item Suggestions -- Thomas Lerman and/or James Anderson
  • Dividing of User Group into Beginners and More Technically Oriented -- Jimmy Parker

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Facilitator was Jimmy Parker, Note taker and time keeper was Fran Jensen.

Prayer by Joan Healey

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Parker, Anne Roach, Fran Jensen, David Dilts, James Anderson, Stephen Bobowski, Lise Embley (Williamsburg, VA), Geoff Morris, Joan Healey, David Samuelsen, Raeone Steuart

Remote: Thomas Lerman

Items Discussed[edit | edit source]

  • Dividing of User Group into Beginners and More Technically Oriented - We are evaluating the need to have meetings for beginners and a separate meeting for the more technical items.
  • The image process: We have our missionaries who will be helping with the image approval process. The help document titled Request authorization to upload a document or image explains the process of submitting an image for approval. Questions: what about replacing an image? You still need to submit the image for approval. What about images that are already in the Wiki, do they need to be resubmitted? No. Clicking on the link to upload a file will not work. You will receive an error message instead. If you personally took the picture and want to submit it for approval and use within the Wiki, that is perfectly fine.
  • Events Page: Many times family history and genealogical events need to be added to multiple locality pages throughout the wiki. See the discussion item notes at LINK What does everyone think about having a separate page for news & event items, then subdivde it by region? no comments or opinions were shared. Anne mentioned at we are looking at removing the news and events from the main page and having the news and events on each of the respective portal pages. Jimmy mentioned that we are dealing with a mindset that tells us to do things one way. The beauty of the wiki is that we can try it one way, and if that doesn't work, we can try another way. It seems that too many people don't notice the event in the Wiki simply because of where the event was added in the wiki. Another suggestion is that users of the wiki can select the option to be notified when a new event is added to the events page. This feature is already within the wiki because of the "Watch" tab. When the user clicks on the Watch tab for any article or page in the Wiki, the user is notified by email when something on that page changes.
  • Increasing Traffic to the Wiki: When looking for an inexpensive way to advertise the wiki, there are two suggestions: (1) One suggestion is to use small cards that could include a short note on it about the Wiki. Another suggestion is the Ensign, specifically the home teaching lesson. Pursue the possibility to have the wiki advertised on either the temple schedule cards and/or the Ensign. One of the challenges we run into is that there are so many church websites, so having the wiki website published in any way may not be
  • Where to Add Agenda Item Suggestions: A demo was given on how to use the Discussion tab on the user group agenda page. To add another discussion item, click on the plus + sign. If you want to edit an existing discussion item, click on the Edit option found on the far right of the main discussion item page. Anyone can add discussion items, including those who are not here in Salt Lake City attending the meetings. If you live in Virginia, Oregon, Ohio, etc., please feel free to add a discussion item.
  • What is the relationship between the wiki and FamilySearch? We are looking at having greater and tighter connections between the Wiki and FamilySearch.
  • Suggestion: Have "evite" links from articles in the Wiki that would make it easy for someone to send an evite to someone else, inviting them to help edit or author a specific article in the wiki.

Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Add your discussion item suggestions to next week's agenda. Don't hesitate!!!