User group meeting & agenda 24 September 2008

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Proposing ideas for this agenda[edit | edit source]

To propose or discuss ideas for this agenda, please use the Discussion tab above. As the meeting draws near, we will review the items proposed on the Discussions page and decide which ones should get highest priority on the agenda.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Administrative items[edit | edit source]

  1. Assignment of time keeper and note taker
  2. Introduction of new members: 10 seconds for name and desired takeaways.
  3. Prayer --
  4. Review of Minutes
  5. Today's agenda preview

Information items[edit | edit source]

  • Thanks to Thomas Lerman for pointing out that the "Product Backlog" list is found at the bottom of the the main page for the User Group Meeting. (One page before this one). -- Is this being maintained? -- Michael Ritchey
  • Is the email notification of changes made to pages on the watchlist broken, as some claim?
  • Today's meeting marks the end of 3rd Quarter 2008. Who will be the User Group Facilitator for 4th Quarter?
  • How have we done on the "Action List Items" from last week?
  • An Appeal to Users and Contributors -- Please pass the word along!!

Discussion items[edit | edit source]

Carryover from Last Week[edit | edit source]

  • Adding citations -- David Dilts to lead discussion
  • Best practices for long lists -- Darris Williams or assignee

New Items[edit | edit source]

  • Discussion of diacritics and other non-English language issues -- Michael Ritchey

Minutes  - will be taken from remote - timeout[edit | edit source]

Facilitator was Jimmy Parker, Note taker was Joan Healey, Time keeper was [Add name here].

Prayer by [Add name here]

The number of registered users of FamilySearch Wiki is 4,261.  That is a net increase of 110 registered users over the last week.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Parker, Joan Healey, Mike Ritchey,  Barbara Baker, Anne Roach, Molly Forbes, David Samuelson, Jim Anderson, David Dilts, David Crowther, Marc Feickert, Don Stringham

Remote Attendees[edit | edit source]

(Anne Roach), Thomas Lerman, Lise Embley, Debbie Edward

Items Discussed[edit | edit source]


Diacritics - place names -

Please use Feedback

Please add to your user page

New skin of wiki for the FH community By FH community

Need to have a way to add meta tags (Sammy showed a meta on his page)

Action Items[edit | edit source]

Next week Citation - David Dilts

Best Practices for handling long lists