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We are happy to share our local knowledge of Midlands churches of many faiths and their records gained over our careers as historians, teachers members of the FFHS and more.

We enjoy the company of and encouragement of a lifelong friend here and hope that our decade of contributions to Wikipedia civil parish and church pages may also assist FamilySearch in trying to emulate those efforts.

We write with an English accent and therefore use catalogues in archives, and view records A-B rather than A thru (through) B. We are familiar with the USA-centric writing discussions in Wikipedia and see these arising in the FamilySearch version also.

Please don't underestimate the role of anonymous contributors to your efforts; we prefer our privacy and have published enough work in our lifetimes individually and as co-authors and we don't need to bore people with our qualifications!

Whilst we appreciate the contribution of FamilySearch to the development of family history research please bear in mind that collected material in America is a small part of our English historical record archives spread in many repositories and to assume that the Family History Library is the principal resource for research may not be popular to those of us outside North America.