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My name is Vern Clark I'm 64 years old and I'm married with four sons. I was raised in Illinois about 40 miles northeast of Nauvoo. I moved to Utah in 1989 to go back to

school. I graduated in 1995 and went to work in the I.T. field. Later I went into business for myself. Back in the day before I moved to Utah I worked for United Airlines as

a pilot but, I was in an motorcycle accident and lost my medical certificate and couldn't fly anymore. A year ago I decided to go on a mission but needed to stay at home.

So, I thought that FamilySearch would be a great place since I've always loved doing family history. That's when they found out I had computer experience so, they put me

to work watching over all the electronics. I've had a lot of fun and thank the Lord that I've had this opportunity. I love watching the Lord at work you can see his hand in all

that goes on here in the missionaries and the people who find that lost relative. You can feel the prayers being answered here.