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I live in Green Valley,Arizona, south of Tucson. Prior to that, my husband and I were both born and raised in California. I was a Junior High school teacher for 18 years, but glad to be done with all of that now. I miss the kids but not so much the parents and the administration. Junior high was fun, they are still a little afraid of you, but they get your jokes. Most of my church callings were in either Relief Society and Family History. Currently, I am both a Ward and Stake Temple and Family History Consultant. We have three children and 2 adopted grandbabies.

I guess the biggest challenge to my family tree now is that I took an Ancestry DNA test and had some unusual results. After talking to several Genetic Genealogists at Rootstech this year and some questions to my aunt, I discovered that I was adopted. Both my parents had passed so no one to explain to me except my Aunt. So, after 25+ years of working on my family tree, I am now working on a new family tree.

For hobbies and interests, I love anything with glass. I do mostly fused glass jewelry and home decor. Since the Pandemic, I have gotten into mosaics using glass. It has been TOOOO hot to turn on my kiln to do fused glass this summer. I've mosaiced a table top for my patio, 3 bowling balls and a butterfly as yard art. I have also learned to use epoxy/resin for both jewelry, coasters and countertops. Two bathrooms in our house now have new countertops using epoxy and am currently working on the Kitchen island. Nothing like buying a new home to then turning around and redo much of it. I like to read and do some gardening, but you have to like cactus!

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