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DenmarkGotoarrow.pngÅrhusGotoarrow.pngFavrskov gods

Location[edit | edit source]

Favrskov estate is located in Lyngå parish, Sabro district, Århus county. See the location on OpenStreetMap. NEEDS LINK

History[edit | edit source]

Stuff goes here.Vita brevissima est cum gravitate existimandi. Hopefully it's good stuff. Ja, you betcha!

FamilySearch Holdings[edit | edit source]

These records were microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in the 1960s and were published digitally in 2012. Both microfilm and digital collections contain the same material. Descriptive detail may vary making it appear the collections are different.

Information on how to use the records in this collection can be found in the article Denmark Estate Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

Images from the microfilm can be accessed through the FamilySearch Catalog record. The Historical Records collection can be accessed at: Denmark Estate Records, 1436-1964 Agersvold gods.

Records[edit | edit source]

Images are available through FamilySearch Catalog (FSC) and Historical Records (HR) === Guardianship ===- [ FSC] and [ HR]

Land[edit | edit source]

- [ FSC] and [ HR]

Probate[edit | edit source]

- [ FSC] and [ HR]

Available Probate Records[edit | edit source]

County District Parish Place
Århus Framlev Galten Balle
Århus Framlev Galten Vinterslev
Århus Sabro Hadsten Hadsten
Århus Sabro Hadsten Hadsten møllegyde
Århus Sabro Hadsten Hadsten skovhus
Århus Sabro Hadsten Neder Hadsten
Århus Sabro Hadsten Ormgård
Århus Sabro Hadsten Øver Hadsten
Århus Sabro Hadsten Overlund
Århus Sabro Lyngå Lyngå
Århus Sabro Lyngå Moesgård
Århus Sabro Lyngå Nydamsgård
Århus Sabro Lyngå Nygård
Århus Sabro Lyngå Smidie
Århus Sabro Lyngå Svejstrup
Århus Sabro Lyngå Tranberggård
Århus Sabro Lyngå Vivild
Århus Sabro Lyngå Volstrup
Randers Galten Hadbjerg Kollerup
Randers Galten Hadbjerg Kollerup smedie
Randers Galten Ødum Selling

County District Parish Place Dates
Abbreviation Term Definition
Grd gård farm
Hgd hovedgård manor
Hse huse house
Lb landsby rural village

References[edit | edit source]

Trap, Jens Peter. Kongeriget Danmark, 3rd ed. Vol. X, XXXXX. Copenhagen: G.E.C. Gads Boghandel, 1898. Pages .

Related Websites[edit | edit source]

  • Records created by the estate held by the National Archives of Denmark: Favrskov gods
  • Danske Herregårde - Favrskov

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