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Who am I[edit | edit source]

My name is Sean Lamb, and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, US. I grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, but after college I moved to the Midwest with my wife in 1992.

I am a recent graduate of Madison Area Technical College with a degree in professional photography. I intend to work full-time as a commercial photographer beginning in Summer 2010. My portfolio shows some of my recent work.

In June 2000, I graduated from Lakeland College with a Bachelor's degree in computer science. I worked in the IT field for many years while and after earning this degree.

Genealogy interests[edit | edit source]

I began researching my own genealogy while attending Foster A. Begg Middle School in Manhattan Beach in the early 1980s. I was able to get a few interviews with older family members (and I wish I had the foresight to tape record them at the time). When it became clear that my girlfriend in high school and college would turn out to be more than just a girlfriend, I started researching her genealogy as well.

I consider myself an intermediate level amateur genealogist. I pursue genealogy as a hobby, more to find out where our families come from than anything else, but also to preserve the many family stories that have been related to me over the years. As I have time, I will try to update my genealogy blog, Finding the Flock.

Surname interests[edit | edit source]

My lines: Allen, Beach, Birdseye, Brown, Cafferty/McCafferty, Campbell, Carstarphen, Cranston, Curtis, Duffy, Ford, Francis, Herrick, Hillard, Holmes, Horne, Hutchenson, Hutchins, Irby, Lamb, Larrison, Lowe, MacWhirter, McCollum, McGregory, McWherter, Meharry, Merriman, Moss, Olney, Powell, Pullen, Quinn, Ray, Reynolds, Rice, Sharp, Sherwood, Smith, Staples, Sutcliffe, Van Marter, Welles, Wilcoxen/Wilcoxson

My wife's lines: Aggar, Aldis, Allen, Amstutz, Benedict, Benjamin, Bennetts, Bircher, Boss, Breschbuler, Collier, Cook, Cox, Denny, Dunlap, Dunn, Egly, Eicher, Eliot, Farnsworth, Farr, Gilgen, Gingerich, Goldschmidt/Goldsmith, Goodhue, Graber, Hamilton, Hartwell, Hochstettler, Kendall, Klopfenstein, Koenig/König, Lamb, Lehew, Leonard, Libey, Lockhart, Lugbull/Luginbull/Luginbühl, Maloney, Mathers, McConnell, McMahan, McWilliams, Mellowes, Mosimann, Mosley, Nafziger, Nisbet, Noonan, Oesch, Owen/Owens, Parsons, Racheter, Reber, Remund, Rickard, Riley, Ross, Ryder, Schenbeck/Shanebeck, Schlatter, Schouth, Schmid, Shryock, Smedley, Squier, Stauffer, Stevens, Story, Wenger, Wright, Zigler

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