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Categorization Discussion[edit | edit source]

Portals[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Wiki[edit | edit source]

  • History of FamilySearch Wiki Portals, I created the last 300 pages changed to Non-Portals.
  • Present Page Problems may be caused by misuse, misunderstanding, and plain lazy use of Categorization
  • The Category Tree is formed by Sub-categories (Lack of understanding among contributors). Some contributors either put the page in the largest category, no category, misspell the category or in a too specific category (Example the title of the page)
1. Reasons for use of Categories
A One reason is to allow us to use the Search within the Wiki
B Next it help establish the Order of the Articles
2. Background Beginning Levels of the Category in the Wiki FamilySearch Wiki maintenance Categories
3. Category Tree in each main category (Use of Sub-categories) 
A. Example: Category:Washington and Category:England
B. The order of articles starts on the Category:Contents and Etc.
4. Organize the present Categories and subcategories.
A. Example: Category:Washington and Category:England
5. Use of our Team and Other Volunteers to Organize the Work
A Use of the Localities & Topics - Wiki Support (Google Doc) to assign areas to work on.
B. Steps to clean up the Categories.
1 Start at the top level Category:Contents Work down through each level.
  • How to prevent future Problems? Some possible avenues
1. Can we help create a way to organize a drop-down to select a category that would be required for each new page?
2. Have a permanent Team to Keep the Categories clean.
3. Other Options?

First Step[edit | edit source]

  • Compare the Topics found on the Following three pages to see what Topics need to exist on the main category page Category:Articles by topic.

I am sorry I found this task not be be helpful for myself. I have however taken a good look at the Category:Categories and the three to six levels up and down in some areas. Below are some of my suggestions. More removal no adding on the lower levels.

Second[edit | edit source]

  • We want to form a list of what categories need to be placed on the first 3-4 levels of the Wiki Starting with the Category:Categories and decide what needs to be added, merge and/or delete from those Categories.
  • Our goal is to clean up the levels of the Wiki and to create a pattern to follow in the future to keep the Wiki Categories clean and very searchable.

The Levels We will be looking at

Let's Compare[edit | edit source]

Look at the now and possible future

Examples of Levels

Ways we may go

Many Categories We may want to alter

Third[edit | edit source]