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born 11 July 1945 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States


Both grandparents on my paternal side came from Germany. Grandfather's ancestors immigrated to the Buffalo, New York/Ontario, Canada area. Grandma immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. My current major genealogy effort is to identified Grandma's birth family. We have identified her father's birth family in Culm, Westpreussen.:

surnames include WAGNER, GRAM, LANDGRAFF

Both grandparents on my maternal side were born in Spencer County, Indiana. Their ancestors came from Ohio and Virginia. Here I am stuck on verifying my Great Grandmother's parents, Amos Gilman and Rittie Rice.

surnames include HARRIS, RICE, VARNER, GILMAN


3rd of 4 siblings; grew up in Detroit, Michigan; 1st generation Latter-day Saint; divorced, with two children


Registered Nurse - Charge Nurse in Nursing Homes six years

Masters in Library & Information Science from BYU - worked several years in the BYU Law School Library

currently retired


It is now January 2014. I became a member of the Church in 1965. In 1965 I took a basic genealogy class at BYU. It was then I was first introduced to the idea of genealogy. I worked on it in off and on periods while raising my family, and always felt good about it. Since my retirement, about eight years now, I have tried very hard to record my family and have enjoyed it.

In an effort to know what to do with my genealogy I sought help from Church written materials, FHL personnel, ward Family History Consultants, Stake Family History Center Directors, Genealogy Conferences, and whatever came my way. Some of the help I received was good and some was bad. I learned much by trial and error. I believe the Research WIKI can take a sincere student of Genealogy quickly into significant sources. I wish I had it from the beginning of my efforts.

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