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I served as an MLS senior missionary in the Chile, Santiago East Mission in an assigned ward with 4 young Elders, Open Chapel events (traveling mini visitor’s center) throughout the mission and as part time office support during July 2013 through May 2015. I was able to refresh my Spanish from 50 yrs before, having served in the West Spanish American Mission in California. Upon returning, I was accepted as a member of the Wiki Missionary team. I served for 1 year and had the opportunity to update almost 1200 FHC websites in Latin American countries (Spanish speaking). Now, a couple years later, I felt the prompting to see if I could join the team again. I was very apprehensive due to my limitations but then felt "He who the Lord calls, he qualifies". This is perhaps the most humbling experience I have had in my life. I am excited to be in His service and sincerely appreciate the patience of those who train and manage projects I will be assigned.

I live in SLC just 2 miles west of the largest FHL in the world. I was born here and served in the USAF in nuclear weapons, missiles, then in Calibration and repair lab for AF test equipment. I left the AF after 16 years service to work as an Industrial engineer and then as an programmer analyst for First Security Bank. Then I formed a company to provide automation and reporting for manufacturing plants. Then the business developed software for Doctor Office management and billing and software for Bulk Oil distributes became my focus. During that time, I joined the USAF Reserve leaving a couple employees to manage and spent a year in school (again) for Hospital equipment repair and then 5 more years (two days a month) as a weekend reservist. Not knowing what I wanted to do "when I grew up", I then repaired organs and pianos and sail and motorboats. I also did home remodel and handyman repairs. Then I was OLD. I began receiving retirement income for military and SS and spent time sailing to Catalina Island (17 times). The MLS mission to Chile was a highlight of my life and serving with the Wiki team using language abilities I gained there was equally exciting. I wondered what was next... Being older and (not) wiser, I hope to be assigned to projects within my abilities (or just beyond).

I have served as a councilor in bishoprics and as a high councilor twice. My focus has been Family History and Missionary Work as WML several times. Each calling has stretched my abilities and strengthened my testimony and love of my Savior. I have been blessed with 9 children (4 who were adopted and sealed). It is interesting how looking back, I have been constantly nourished as I was stretched with things I had no idea how to do. I give Him all the credit for my successes and certainly understand who caused my failures. I'm so thankful for the Atonement and for Eternal Progression. .

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