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At the age of eighteen, Anne Roach stumbled into the Family History Library and after sitting through an orientation, was told that she needed more information in order for the Library to help her. As she left, she muttered under her breath, "What good is a Family History Library if they can't help you find your family history?"

Since that day she has heard many people say the same thing to her, but has worked hard to use her empathy to help as many people as possible. After working as an International Reference Consultant and Technology Reference Consultant at the Library, Anne was delighted to join the outstanding FamilySearch Wiki team, led by Michael Ritchey, and manned at that time by Fran Jensen, Mollie Forbes, Darris Williams, and Anne Wuehler.

Anne currently works as a FamilySearch Community manager, along with Michael Ritchey, Fran Jensen, Mollie Forbes, Alan Mann, and Darin Hakes under the excellent leadership of Diane Loosle.

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