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Position[edit | edit source]

I am a user guidance intern with FamilySearch. While I've done some casual family history work before, this is my first experience really working with records and delving into the work. I learn something new every day! I currently work with the collections and articles from Canada, Spain, Netherlands, and Eastern Europe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

I graduated from BYU with my BA in December 2013, where I studied English literature and Russian and minored in music. Although I call southern Idaho home, I have also lived in Pennsylvania, Utah, and Russia. On the side, I work as a freelance writer, including recording people's stories for their family history. In the fall, I will be moving to Chicago to start a master's program, in hopes that I can find where I fit in the professional world.

My own ancestors range from pilgrims to pioneers, with most of them coming from England, Germany, or Scandinavia. I am currently working on my great-grandfather's lines. He emigrated from Eastern Germany (right on the Polish border) when he was a young man.