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Kent resident Genealogist with experience of Sussex, Kent and Metropolitan Archives record transcription and research.

FFHS member. Semi retired with no publishing deadlines for 2012; able to continue Wikipedia development and attempt to contribute to the FamilySearch version.

I unapologetically write in English and not American version thereof; hopefully this project will adopt English spelling eventually for England pages after initial imposition of "Catalog" which is in English a catalogue, and avoid other deterrent spellings which are not in English usage.

Shire counties in England are not identical to their county town and England, York refers to the City of York not the county.

I would like to believe my major contribution to date has been to rescue the city of Canterbury, Kent from the misapprehension that the churches of Canterbury and Cathedral church reside in Ipswich, Suffolk. I hope that the American who placed it there recovers from embarassment and pardons the correction.

Former FamilySearch Wiki Contributor Ps1964 08:39, 20 March 2012 (UTC)