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Occupation : Retired

Education:: Grade 12 & College Degree in Mechanical Engineer Technician

Contact Information Phone #: 1-519-320-8787 Email: "or"

About Me Hello everyone! I am Linda Irene Ellis-van der Worp. I was born in Stratford and lived up to my late teen years in St.Marys, Ontario, Canada I was a member since I was 8 years old and my Mom joined the Church when I was 4 years old. So I learned a lot from a young age. The day I was baptized my Branch President asked me what I thought I was here for and I said: "I'm here to work." My father never joined the Church until I was gone and married, and living in Raymond, Alberta, and by the time I returned to Ontario, he was inactive. But before he died, he became active again and my parents were finally Sealed in the Temple and I and 2 of my 5 brothers were Sealed to them. What a Fantastic day that was. Life altering!

I did leave the church for a time when my life seemed upside down. I was married to a very abusive man who fathered my first two children, Laurie and Heath. One girl and one boy! He abused my children also, after a time, so I left him for the 5th time when I moved back to Ontario. That was when I had a change of heart about the Church. My mother asked me to come to church for just the Sacrament Meetings to help with their count to get a building in Stratford, finally! After going there for 2 months doing that and feeling the Spirit so strongly I decided I should come back to Church full time. I was not happy at all when I first came back to church. Life was stressful, trying to find a job to take care of my Children on my own. So, I started praying even harder for help from God and as the time went by I did find that job. A couple of years later I met my wonderful husband, Willem (Bill) van der Worp. He is my Soul Mate for sure. I had asked God to help me find the man I was to be with for the rest of my life. Someone who would love God and want to become a Member of the Church too. I am so happy that all of that came true and my husband was Baptized a year after we married. A year later we were able to go to the Temple in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and be Sealed to one another. My dreams had come true, and now I want to serve the Lord even more and I do all I can. Church Callings Past and Present: I have been in Primary, as the President/Counselor/Teacher, and Secretary. In Young Women's, I was the President/Counselor & Teacher. In Relief Society, a Counselor/Secretary & a Teacher. I have taught Seminary, I am into FamilySearch and on a committee for that type of work. My Husband and I are the Activity Committee Leaders in the Woodstock Ward where we now reside.


l love to do Family History Work,
Teaching the GoDrawing & Painting
Writing, and I'm trying to write a book right now.
Biking & Fast Walking with my Dog, Meko, or my Husband if he is available. :-)
Sewing- I am a Seamstress/Dressmaker.
Hair Stylist- I wash/cut and Style hair for people and my Dog.
Singing- I have sung for people's weddings and I am in the Ward Choir.
Dancing- I love it so much. It's great exercise and I feel the music so well!
Piano- I took 6 years of piano lessons. I don't have a piano anymore though! :-(
spel and Learning about it.
Computer work with drafting, and word processing.
Painting our home
Drywall Taping
Minnistering to my Sisters and those I meet!


Camping a lot when our daughter, Sarah was young, and we took our two nieces, Samantha & Jo Ellen. They had so much fun with us, and we felt so rewarded when they were happy. It just makes you feel like a million dollars when you help others find joy. Well, I think that is enough about me. If I've missed giving you something about me let me know. I hope you enjoyed the read! Linda v. :-)