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    I am Linda Marie Smith and was born in Augsburg, Germany in 1957. My parents were born and raised in southern Idaho. I was born in Germany while my father was serving in the US Army. Our family moved a lot. We lived in Germany, Kentucky, Tennessee, Idaho, Georgia, Turkey, Maryland and Pennsylvania before he retired to Idaho. Since marrying I have lived in Idaho, Washington and Missouri and now live in Hagerman, Idaho. I am married with 8 children and 19 grandchildren, including a set of twin boys and triplet girls.
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    I began learning to play the piano when I was 6 years old and playing in church when I was 11. My mother secretly wanted me to play in a stake conference by the time I was 12. Unfortunately, we were living in an area where there was no stake, but I did play in a district conference when I was 13. It was a district conference held in Turkey and attended by Hartman Rector, Jr., the first conference attended by a general authority since the time of Paul. That was in 1970. (In 2000 I moved to Missouri with my husband and discovered that I was attending the ward started by Elder Rector's aunt. When he was 19 he spent the summer with her and converted her to the gospel. Through the years, I have been amazed at how often my path has crossed with people around the world.) Now, in addition to playing in church, my husband and I play in dance bands - I play keyboards and he plays bass guitar. We met while playing in a band together in 1993, married in April 1994 and he joined the church in August.
    In 2000 I felt like we needed to move to Missouri. My husband took me very seriously and 2 months later we moved 6 of our 8 children, 2 cats, a dog, a car, a pick-up, a van and a 24-foot U-haul to Moberly, Missouri. 2 days after we arrived we found a house and my husband had a job. In 2004, within sight of our home the car I was riding in was hit by a train. I was thrown clear of the car landing next to it down a 20-foot embankment. My co-worker was crushed in the car as it rolled. Angels were with me that day. No one understands why I did not die then, nor can doctors explain why I was able to walk later, but here I am. Among other injuries I had a C-1 fracture and should have been dead before help arrived. Our time in Missouri was like a Zion's march for us. We were married in the Nauvoo temple in 2007 and returned to Idaho in 2008 very different people.
    My family history training began when I was 8 years old. My mother gave me hand-written copies of her aunt's genealogy to recopy starting with her and adding her father's family. Later when she found new information at Historical Libraries, I would add it to her pages. My penmanship was very good, but she eventually bought me a typewriter. By the time I was a teenager I was helping her do research and after I was married she took care of my children while I researched and in 1994 I built my first computer, which she paid for. In 2006, I helped beta test NewFamilySearch and our temple in St. Louis was picked to be the first to use the new system. Because I already had access to newFamilySearch when the Twin Falls temple came online in 2009 (one of the first to get access in the west), I was able to help others learn how to use it. I started my first FamilySearch mission that year and served until 2014. I beta tested 'Memories' and wrote the Knowledge Documents for it during the latter part of my mission.
    Some of my other interests are counted cross-stitch, jigsaw puzzles, crocheting, knitting and tatting. I have worked as a professor's teaching assistant, librarian, substitute teacher, teachers aide, typesetter, copy editor, graphic designer, prototype test-driver, inventory auditor and co-owner of a screenprinting business. I enjoy camping, rollerskating and bicycling.
    My husband and I have been serving in the Twin Falls, Idaho temple since 2014. We attend the Fairfield, Idaho Branch, an hour from our home. I am the Branch Organist/pianist and the Family History Consultant. I teach Family History at the Fairfield library. My husband fondly says he is a Family History widower, but he gained his testimony of the gospel sitting at a computer in a Family History room and has submitted hundreds of family names for temple work since he joined the church.
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