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A Little About Me[edit | edit source]

I live in Ravensdale, WA, 27 miles SE of Seattle, and 36 miles NW of Mt. Rainier.

I love doing genealogy, and have been involved since 2010. While I'm no pro at it, I'm pretty well versed; enough so that I was made a Ward Family History Consultant 2 years ago.

The maternal side of my family line is German, English and Irish. My closest maternal ancestors are German. My parents divorced in 1957, and I never saw my father after that. I have yet to get any information about my father's heritage.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

I have included some links to various points of interest in and around the Ravensdale area. Enjoy your virtual tour of my town.

  • Cemetery It looks like that page has been moved. Please be patient while I find more information. Thank you. It may be that I need to go take my own photographs, and write the cemetery information.