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My name is Jeannette Cherle Ann McQueen-Nobbs. I am the third child of six children and the first daughter. I survived 3 brothers! I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and lived there until 9 years old. After this, my parents moved us to a farm in Normanby Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada where I lived until I started High School. We moved to Hanover, Grey County, Ontario, Canada where I graduated from High School and eventually I moved to Southern Alberta, Canada; Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I lived in both provinces and Regina, Saskatchewan for a time. I have 2 daughters and one grandson. I was working in the business, computer areas as well as nursing.

I am a very artistic person who likes to draw portraits of my family and ancestors for fun and pleasure. I also am a good seamstress who has sewn many costumes for figure skating clubs, nativity pageants, plays, etc. My mother taught me how to sew at 13 yrs old and I've helped others learn as well. I've taught many skills, crafts, and health classes to help others learn them as well in church and my community. I have taken many classes on alternative health courses as Sprouting, Reiki, Source Energy Medicine as well as study many health-promoting skills and techniques to improve the quality of my life and I help teach others who want to learn them to improve theirs. I'm enjoying learning Foraging and how to use these free foods! I love my little garden! I love to preserve food, dehydrate foods. I really enjoy that as it gives me great satisfaction making pickles, bread, etc. I'm very skilled in the womanly arts I've taken the church conductor course as well as the church piano keyboard course and got certificates for them.

I have worked in almost every auxiliary in the church. I've worked in the Primary as several teachers, President. I've worked in the YW as a teacher and President. I've taught in Relief Society as well as served as a Secretary a few times and a 2nd Counselor. My husband and I have been Activities chairpersons, served as Stake and ward Missionaries 5 times together. I was also called to work in a Family History Center. I was the first person in a few wards to be assigned as the webmaster for the ward.

I have served as a Wiki Missionary for over 2 + yrs. My favourite part of doing the wiki is creating infoboxes from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript classes that Charles taught. The first time I took his classes I quit about the 4th class because I thought that I couldn't do it. The next time Charles offered the class I thought that I would do it again except this time I truly prayed and asked God to help me really learn and understand how to do this HTML, etc which he did. He helped me and I could feel Angels assisting me and helping me to do it! I succeeded in learning and comprehending such difficult skills and language by God's hand. I acknowledge God's aid in helping me to grasp these new skills. I really enjoy the ability to create such beautiful infoboxes.

I am a first-generation Canadian on my father's side. My father and his family arrived here in Canada Jan 1920 they left Belfast, Ireland. My mother's mother was born in Bolton, Lancashire and came to Canada around 1911 so I'm a second-generation Canadian on her line. My mother's father's father left England about 1889 and came to Canada from Preston, Lancashire, England and he met his wife on the ship I was told that it was a shipboard romance. She was from Cambridgeshire so I am a third-generation Canadian on this line.

Because of my Heritage my main interest areas are Ireland, England, and Scotland as my family from Ireland are Ulster Scott's. I would like to help in these areas as well as help in the communities where I have lived as I am able to go to these areas near to me to find the info that may be of help for someone else who has heritage from these locations. My husband and I can travel to these locations as they're close by me.

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