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Emblem-star.png This user has been awarded a Gold Star for adding images to hundreds of English Parish pages.

Former contributor to FamilySearch Wiki.

Retired genealogist, member of FFHS,SoG, One Name Study founder and labourer in Wikipedia to establish parish and civil parish pages in several counties. I won't bore you with

Parish record transcriber 1968-2009 privileged to work in many archives in English Cathedrals and Archives in the pre computer era and collaborate with some legendary authors of transcript series.

Catholic in Wikipedia contributions; obituaries come naturally from wide variety of fields from cycling to professional wrestling history via doping in sport and British brand names to name but a few!

Raised by a father who visited English churches, lifelong interest in Anglican, Roman Catholic church history and architecture naturally progressed to working in collaboration with archivists to catalogue diocesan parishes. Familiar to many County and Cathedral archivists for over 40 years.  

Served as FamilySearch Support Team Leader 2009-2011 during development of record collections from worldwide archives.

I wish FamilySearch wiki well in future move from being a Family History Library oriented content to becoming an English record based provider to assist those with English ancestral research in all record types. FamilySearch is at present in my opinion too focussed on the Family History Library; understandable but necessary to move out from there to work collaboratively with English catalogued records and archive holdings if the vision of a family history wiki is to cease to be North American based and limited.