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Bogar, Garreth.jpg My name is Garreth Bogar. With a rather uncommon name, if one were to google it, one would get just one person--me. I was born in Coulee Dam, Washington, so tell everyone I was a dam baby when I was born and grew up as a dam kid.  I even took it further and, after graduation from college, I went on a dam mission (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiedam). I felt that was about enough of the "dam" stuff so when we named our 1st son after a city in the Netherlands, we dropped the "dam" part, and his name is Schie.

For my education, I received my BS from Washington State U. in Pullman, Wash. After my mission I started going to grad school during the summers and received my MS from Brigham Young U. in Provo, Utah, in 1967. For the next many summers, I took classes in biology and botany.

For my work-a-day life, I taught school.  That was mostly in physical education and in the middle school grades.  Most of my 37 years were in California with the final 31 years in Fairfield, California.  After we retired from teaching we moved to the Las Vegas area and worked for a company based there and had sales positions traveling across the USA. We did that for four years. The next 4 1/2 years we spent in Blackfoot, Idaho, taking care of my wife's mother. We are now living in South Jordan, Utah. We have been called on a Family & Church History Mission and serve in the Joseph Smith Mem. Bldg. We were assigned to the Data Quality Zone and work with the wikifamilysearch team. Very new to this area so will learn and grow as time goes by.   Just a short "up-date" to what we are doing.  We have been transferred to a new zone in the same mission, the world-wide support zone.  We are mostly, at this time anyway, doing the same thing as before. Second up-date, still in the same place but now doing more content related items and we are called the Wiki Content team.

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