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My full name is Frederick Oscar Benson Junior but I go by Fred.   Recently retired, I spent my working years working with computers and programming.  I always liked my job and I dreaded the notion of not working anymore.  With this mission, I may have found a way around that. 
 Also, to keep myself somewhat occupied, I have found a good number of names for temple work.  As part of the temple work, I have a calling as a veil worker in the Salt Lake Temple which motivates me to get at least one ancestral endowment name every week.  I had a brief knowledge of the Wiki, but I realize now there is a lot more there than I had thought.  
 Professionally, after the Navy (where I worked with electronics) and college (where I majored in math and accounting),  I spent most of my career working around computers.  I started out programming in assembler and Fortran, spent a few years with  COBOL and then moved to a high level statistical analysis tool named SAS.  Part of that effort required becoming reasonably proficient in other tools such as Excel, Word, DB2 and others.  Life was good.  I ended up as a Risk Manager that last decade or so, but I still think my best times were with the details of the code.I view myself as a hard worker who is (or at least was) blessed with the ability to learn quickly.  I love learning languages, both computer and human, enhancing my ability to make my contribution count.     
In terms of church service, I spent my most rewarding times with the young men.  I loved being a scoutmaster helping young men achieve their Eagle.  Also, I served a long time in District Callings (about twenty years) helping young men and leaders in our district focus on attaining that same goal.