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I noticed that you are creating pages for English parishes with excellent, detailed information. This is great! Please keep up the good work.


I want to suggest one possible improvement. It would be nice if when you mention records which are available on FamilySearch Record Search you would include a link to the collection on Record Search. You can do this by copying the address from your browser's address box when looking at the collection on Record Search, then pasting it as a link on the Wiki page. There is a discussion taking place right now (see Community Meeting) about how to do those links. The plan is to create a template that will make the process simpler and more consistent. The current recommended format is:


Title phrase in bold italic—this title phrase should succintly state exactly what the record is about. 
Price—free, subscription, or other.
Format—Internet index and images, or Internet index only, or Internet images only—as appropriate.
Site title—which will also serve as the phrase to which the Wiki link is connected.
Contents—brief highlights of the record contents to help readers decide if he should click the link.

Keep it short enough to be readable, long enough to be informative—be ruthlessly SUCCINCT! For example:  

1850 United States Census Mortality Schedules— A free Internet index and images to the 1850 United States Census Mortality Schedules can be viewed on the FamilySearch Record Search. Mortality schedules show deaths for the twelve months prior to the 1850 census, including: name, age, sex, color, married or widowed, birthplace, month of death, occupation, and cause of death. 

Again, thanks for taking the time to make the Wiki better.Alan 21:14, 15 October 2009 (UTC)