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Introduction[edit | edit source]

I am on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which begun December 7, 2012 and will end the end of May 2014.

Children  [edit | edit source]

Gigi Anne MacIntosh, John Randolph MacIntosh, Bert Albert Railton and Franklin Will MacIntosh.

Education[edit | edit source]

I started school in a one room schoolhouse and it was a delightsome thing for me.  We moved to a different farm which caused my brother and I to attend Lincoln Elementary School in Ottawa, Illinois.  After attending there for five years we were mandated to go to George P. Hills School in Naplate, Illinois.  Ottawa has two high schools, Marquette ( a Catholic one) and Ottawa Twp. I attended both. After high school  I  attended Illinois State University, Bloomington, Illinois on a Teacher's Schlorship. ===

Jobs[edit | edit source]

It's fun thinking of all the work I've done and how wonderfully all the experiences afforded my development.  Because of living on a farm, it was a given, to gather the eggs, feed the chickens, water the chickens, milk a cow, slop the pigs, sometimes feed the two-week old calves by letting them suck your fingers in a bucket of milk until they catch on how to do it without the fingers.  Also, mowing the yard, helping in the garden, picking fruit in the orchard, vacuuming and dusting our five bedroom farmhouse pretty much completed the routine. Oh, did I mention drying the dishes. The first work which I got fifty-cents a day was baby sitting a two year old.  It really was a matter of following him and making sure he was safe.  The next paid job was detasseling corn.  After that I sold Christmas cards door to door and worked in a beauty parlor after school and during summers.  Waitress work while in college. Assortment of jobs, interspersed with marriage and children, dominated my life, but the greatest of these was raising my children - truly a labor of love.  Did I say a variety of jobs?  History employment:

  • Head Cashier at a Finance Company, Ottawa, Illinois.
  • Department Secretary at a firm in Chicago, Illinois
  • Service Representative for Illinois Bell Telephone, Ottawa, Illinois
  • Secretary for Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Van Nuys, Californi
  • Secretary for Amfac, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Assistant to the Personnel Director at Bishop Trust, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Job Counselor  for an Employment Service, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Office help at a YMCA, Ottawa, Illinois
  • Factory worker at Illuminous Processing Plant,Ottawa, Illin
  • World Book Encyclopedia District Manager, Decatur, Illinois
  • Bookkeeping Dept North Town Bank, Decatur, Illinois
  • Membership and Insurance Representative for AAA-Chicago Motor Club, Decatur & Peoria
  • Annuity Representative for United Federal Bank, Chillocothe, Illinois
  • Insurance and Securities salesman for Prudential Life Insurance, Peoria, Illinois
  • Insurance and Securities salesman for Travelers Insurance Company, Peoria, Illinois
  • Independent Insurance and Securities Salesman representing muliple companies, Peoria, Illinois
  • Steak & Shake waitress part time, Peoria, Illinois
  • Peoria Journal Star newspaper delivery person off and on for several years, Peoria, Illinois
  • School Bus Driver for Morton School District, Morton, Illinois & E. Peoria Headstart, E. Peoria, Illinois
  • Cashier for Wal-Mart Superstore, Keokuk, Iowa 

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