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I am a church service missionary at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. I have been doing genealogy for 4 years and am eager to learn more about the research process so I can help myself and the patrons who visit the library.

Feb 17

Added books up to the 84th reg. Then went online and found the gold mine website. Find it on Reg. 50. called Illinois Civil War Register. Civil War lgenweb

Feb 18

Working on Historical Records project. Adding Western States site to the western states. Start with Montana. Added goldmine to Illinois. Next time start on Reg. 66. Can change to the latest page by changing reg number in the URL.

Feb 24

Internal link to county. Type in County name, click on Adams County , add

Adams_County,_Illinois#Military (in the link box)

Mar 1

How to add a footnote reference

Go to wiki text.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. National Park Service

Next time, continue working on 51st company links. Need to finish counties and add the roster page links. 50th is done.

Shorten the URL Paste the big URL in that Make TinyURL THen copy that for wiki. Go to world cat for citation. Top right.

July 14 --

Next time, start on Illinois Regiment 36. Be sure and change the links to the Roster. It is now going to be in Vol. 3.

Jul 18

Next time, start on Illinois Regiment 39. Then go back and add a few books to these regiments and web sites. I don't think I've done that yet.

Jul 26

Added civil war archives and Wikipedia links under Brief History to regs. 30-39. Looked for books and added them to 30-39. Found a great site, the genweb civil war scrapbook. Started adding it to regs 30-40. Need to add it to almost all of the regs. Some regs. Not on site.

  • The ILGenWeb Civil War Scrapbook, (accessed 26 July 2011) contains links to various documents such as personal letters, military papers, articles, histories, obituaries, biographies, etc. Documents are listed by regiment, then by the soldier and his company.

Oct 20.

Next time, start 133rd. Make sure the program is saving properly. If not, save twice.

Next time, start on 137th, remember to save twice, if needed.

Next time, start on 144th. Will go to 156th at the end.

Apr 30

Starting Wisconsin Annual Report

Annual Report shows cities in the counties

May 7

I've made 2 pages stored on flash under Wiki project. One page has the company results as I find them. Page two has a bunch of cities and their counties. As I go through each page, located at

(Co. D) I am tallying a different way. Page one, I count up all the men from a city, tally it with 11111. Page 2 is tallied with 2222. and so on. This lets me see quickly if I've tallied a city from that page. So 11122334 would equal 9 men from that city.

Next time: I am ready to tally up all the counties for co. C. They are located on the cities and counties page on my flash, under Wiki projects.

May 12

On page 19 of Roster, Co. E, tallying counties. Searching down entire reg. Highlighting in yellow when done that county.

May 21

When searching for the county of the city type in city Wisconsin County It brings up a nice county page, so I don't have to search.

I am on Co. F. Ready to tally the counties. Then go to a wisconsin county map and see if it's from NE, NW, SE, SW part of Wisconsin. Divide into 4 quarters.

MAY 28, Tally up Co. G. Finished tallying Co. F.

Marilyn showed me a new way to tally. Check out Wiki new way on flash.

Next time, start on Co. L, doing the new way. Roster of Wisconsin 2

June 4 and 6

Worked 6 hours at home on Wiki, 3 each day. Next time, go to WIKI NEW WAY page and tally up the counties for Co. B. 2nd regiment calvary.

June 10th

Did Co B, C, D and I'm on the 3rd page of E Roster of Wisconsin 02

June 25

Next time, start on Second Reg, G company.

Jul 2

Next time, start on Second Reg, H Company

Roster of Wisonsin 01

Jul 9

I have tallied for Co. H, need to finish figuring out the counties from the cities. Go to Counties in Co. H on Flash under Wiki Project.

Jul 16

Finished the tally for Co. H. Added the companies and their counties to the Wisconsin First Reg, Calvary. I need to add a reference for the Wisconsin Roster on internet archives. Make a company section for the 2nd Reg. also then finish tallying the other Co. in the 2nd.

Jul 23

Made Wisconsin footnote, added roster links to 2nd and 3rd. Need to finish tallying the companies for 2nd reg. then start on 3rd.

Jul 30

Next time, start on 2nd Reg Calvary Co M. Need to tally. Do all the tallying on the City and County Tally page. It saves time.

Aug 5

Next time start on 2nd Reg Calvary Co. M and tally up from City and County Tally page. Then add to wiki page. Finished Linking to County pages and back to regiment pages. Next time start on 3rd Regiment Calvary. Still need to link up the 1st Regiment Calvary.

Aug 12

Next time tally up the city and county page for 3rd Regiment Co. A

Aug 19

Next time start on 3rd Reg. Wisconsin Calvery Co. D. Also added roster links to 4th reg. Calvary Wisconsin.

Aug 26

Next time, tally up the counties for Co. D. 3rd Reg. Wiscon. Cal.

Sept 3

Finished tallying D and did Co. E ready to make internal links on D and E and then start on F.

Sept 24

Next time, keep working on F.

Oct 8 Next time tally up H

Oct. 15

Next time finish tallying I. I've done the third page and I'm ready to start on the second page.

Oct. 29

Next time start on third page of Co. K, I'm at Waterloo, heading upward.

Nov 5

Next time finish tallying the first page of Co. L (2 and 3 are done.) 3rd reg. Wisconsin calvary

Nov 19

Next time, I've finished tallying Co. M. Now count up the prominant counties and add to 3rd Reg. Wisconsin. Then link the counties and make internal links from county page back to 3rd reg page.

Nov 25

Next time, Begin on H and finish the links back to the regiment page.

- 3rd Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry, Companies

The tally sheet is in Wiki projects - Compaines in Regiment and their counties. Use this sheet to keep track and do CNTRL F on the regiment page to search for the number of times in each county.

Dec 10

I'm putting in simple roster links, just linking to the Roster pages for each regiment, instead of tallying counties. I'm currently on the 1st regiment heavy artillery. Wisconsin 01

See about Copying in the following text that links to the Roster.
Will it work for the heavy artillery?

The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers[1], found on the Internet Archives web site, shows the men who served in this battery, their residences, dates of enlistment and mustering out, and other remarks.

13th Battery, Light ArtilleryRoster page 250. DONE

Next time, start on 2nd regiment, wisconsin infantry. Add links to all the rosters pages, which I have added.

DEC 18

There is an Independent Battalion Second Infantry Wisconsin found in the Roster page 379.

Roster of Wisconsin 2

When I look up men on S and S from this Battalion, S S states they are from the 2nd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. Same as when I look up men on the Roster from the 2nd Regiment and it states that they are also from the same Regiment. Different captains. Don't understand this.

So, I added the Independent 2nd Battlion information directly below the 2nd Regiment information. They only had companies A and B.

Next time, start on 6th Regiment, Infantry, page 496. This roster does not list the 4th regiment.

Wilma's email =

Dec 19

Next time, start on 34th regiment, page 525. I've discovered a quicker way to do this. Go to 33rd and copy the intro paragraph and the companies in wiki text. Then go to 35th and paste in the wiki text. Leaving in wiki text, just change the page numbers and the page numbers in the URL. When I've done the whole regiment, then save. This is a lot fast then clicking on the world and changing the URLs.

Jan 9

Next time, start on 49th regiment. Do the new way as above.

The following company links are to rosters taken from Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers;Wisconsin. Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 Volume II. (Madison: Democrat Printing Co., State Printers, 1886), found on the Internet Archives web site. The rosters show the men who served in each regiment, their residences, dates of enlistment and mustering out, and other remarks.

Company A - Roster page 829.

Company B - Roster page 831.

Company C - Roster page 832.

Company D - Roster page 834.

Company E - Roster page 836.

Company F - Roster page 837.

Company G - Roster page 839.

Company H - Roster page 841.

Company I - Roster page 842.

Company K - Roster page 844.

Feb. 4

Next time, I've finished adding all the roster page links. So until I talk to Wilma, I'm going back and tallying counties. I started on the 5th regiment, infantry. talling on page 443.

Feb 12

Met with Wilma and she wants me to talk with Elder Fields and find 1 or 2 missionaries to tally counties. I don't have to be exact. Just eyeball it and estimate the counties. I need to teach them how to do this and then work with Wilma on meetings each week to improve Wiki.

Feb 19

Finished 5th regiment, doing it the Wilma Way. Started on 6th regiment.

Feb. 26

Next time, start on 7ty regiment.

Mar 18

Next time, start on 9th reg.

Mar 25

Next time, start 10th reg, Co. G.

April 15, next time start on 11th reg, Co. H.

April 29 -- Next time start on 12th Reg, Co. F

May 13 -- Next time staron on 13th Reg, Co. B

May 27, next time start on 14th reg, co.

June 3rd, next time Co. I in 14th reg.Finished 14th Reg. Next time start on 15th Reg.

July 15, next time start on 15th Reg, Wiconsin Co E.

July 21, next time start on Reg. 5 just made internal links and I need to go to the county pages and finish the links.

Sept 15, start on Reg. 7 and make internal county links

Oct 28, start on Reg. 8 and make internal links back to Reg page starting with Company E.

Oct. 30. Start on Reg. 9, make web links to Roster pages, finish finding companies for the 9th reg. Make internal links for the 9th reg. revised.

Dec 6 finished reg 9, go on to reg. 10. Some of the companies were from a city in two counties. Go to Calumet to see how I figured out what to do.

Dec 13. worked on Reg 11. Finish with linking Florence County and another in Co. K that doesn't have a military paragraph yet.

Jan 5

Finished Reg 11 and 12. Start on Reg. 13, adding regiments to county pages start on Company H.

Jan 20, start on Reg. 14th. I did Company H, but none of the rest. Need to add info to county pages.

Feb 10, next time start adding information to Reg. 16 internal links.


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  1. Wisconsin. Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Madison: Democrat printing co., state printers, 1886.