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Boswell Family History CD's[edit | edit source]

The Ralph Boswell Collection - Los Angeles Family Search Library[edit | edit source]

Family History CD Title - Author/Compiler - Publication Location/Date - Pages[edit | edit source]

ABBEAbbe-Abbey Genealogy. In Memory of John Abbe and His Descendants ; Nichols, Josephine G.; New Haven, CT; 1916; Pages: 567
ABBOTTDescendants of George Abbott ; Abbott, Lemuel; -----; 1906; Pages: 1246
ABBOTTThe Abbott, Adlum & Green Families ; Eisenhart, Willis; ; 1957; Pages: 89
Abell: The Abell Family in America. Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass. His English Ancestry and His Descendants. Other Abell. ; Abell, Horace A. and Lewis P.; Rutland, VT; 1940; Pages: 402
ABERNATHYThe Abernathys the Alexanders The Forneys the Sims. ; McClure, Mabel B.; Enid, OK; 1934; Pages: 52
Ackerman: Ackerman Family ; Vliet, Clair; [Easton?], PA; 1950; Pages: 308
Adams: A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Mass., and his Descendants; Also John Adams of Cambridge, Mass ; Adams, Andrew N.; Rutland, VT; 1898; Pages: 1287
Adams: A Genealogical History of Robert Adams ; Adams, Andrew; Rutland, VT; 1900; Pages: 634
Adams: A History of the Adams Family of North Staffordshire ; Adams, Percy W. L.; London, England; 1914; Pages: 667
Adams: Ancestors and Descendants of Elias Adams: The Pioneer 600-1930 ; Adams, Frank D.; Kaysville, UT; 1930; Pages: 307
Adams: Genealogy and History of a Part of the Newbury Adams Family, Formerly of Devonshire, England, Being the Descendants of ; Adams, I. Smith; Calais, ME; 1895; Pages: 61
Adams: Genealogy Of John Adams and His Descendants ; Adams, Gardiner; Franklin, MA; 1874; Pages: 140
Adams: Henry Adams of Somersetshire, England and Braintree, Mass. His English Ancestry and Some of His Descendants ; Bartlett, J. Gardner; New York, NY; 1927; Pages: 187
Adams: Jeremy Adams of Cambridge, Mass., and Hartford, Conn., and His Descendants ; Adams, Arthur; Boston, MA; 1955; Pages: 56
Adams: Some Descendants of William Adams of Ipswich, MA ; Appleton, William Sumner; Boston, MA; 1881; Pages: 8
ADAMSThe Adams Family ; Adams, James Truslow; Boston, MA; 1930; Pages: 387
Adamson: The Adamson Saga ; Adamson, P. E.; Edmonton, AB; 1962; Pages: 262
Adsit: Descendants of John Adsit of Lyme, Connecticut ; Adsit, Newman Ward; NY; ; Pages: 230
Agnew: The Book of the Agnews. James Agnew, of Pennsylvania, U.S. A. His Race, Ancestry and Descendants ; Agnew, Mary Virginia; Philadelphia, PA; 1926; Pages: 656
Ainsworth: Genealogy of the Ainsworth Families in America ; Parker, Francis; Boston, MA; 1894; Pages: 218
Akers: The Akers Family of Franklin County, Virginia ; Akers, A. E.; Roanoke Rapids, NC; 1953; Pages: 181
Albee: The Albee Family of Berkeley, California Present. Their Lines of Descent… ; Albee, George C.; ; 1949; Pages:
Albright: Additional Findings on North Carolina Albright Lineage ; McClain, Claribel Albright; St. Joseph, MO; 1950; Pages: 18
Alden: Family Memorial. Part 1. Genealogy of Fourteen Families of the Early Settlers of New England ; Thayer, Elisha; Hingham, MA; 1935; Pages: 274
Alden: Memorial of the Descendants of the Hon. John Alden ; Alden, Ebenezer; Randolph, MA; 1867; Pages: 168
Alden: The Ancestors and Descendants of Isaac Alden ; Fielding, Harriet C.; [n.p.]; 1903; Pages: 160
Aldrich: The George Aldrich Genealogy 1605-1971. An Attempt to Trace, in Both the Male and Female Lines the Posterity of George Aldrich ; Bartlett, John and Sarah; Decorah, IA; 1971; Pages: 694
Alexander: The Alexander Family ; Arnold, Frances A.; Carrollton, MO; 1896; Pages: 30
Alexander: The Alexanders of Maine ; Alexander, DeAlva S.; Buffalo, NY; 1898; Pages: 166
Allan: Memoir of Colonel John Allan An Officer of the Revolution Born in Edinburgh Castle Scotland… With a Genealogy. ; Allan, George H.; Albany, NY; 1867; Pages: 34
Allcott: Family of Asa Allcott ; Flagg, Charles Allcott; Albany, NY; 1899; Pages: 49
Allen: A Genealogy of the Allen Family, from 1568 to 1882 ; Allen, Hon. William; Farmington, ME; 1882; Pages: 38
Allen: Genealogical and Historical Sketches of the Allen Family ; Hutchinson, Frank Allen; Lowell, MA; 1896; Pages: 81
Allen: Genealogy of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Ct ; Allen, Willard S.; Boston, MA; 1876; Pages: 78
Allen: Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass, 1640 ; Bent, Allen H; Boston, MA; 1896; Pages: 34
Amidon: The Amidon Family: A Record of the Descendans of Roger Amadowne of Rehoboth, Massachusetts ; Best, Frank E.; Chicago, IL; 1904; Pages: 176
Angell: Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell ; Angell, Avery; Providence, RI; 1872; Pages: 213
Auchmuty: The Auchmuty Family of Scotland and America ; Townsend, Annette; New York, NY; 1932; Pages: 327
Augur: Family History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony ; Augur, Edwin R.; Middletown, CT; 1904; Pages: 264
Ausmus: Ausmus Family History ; Ausmus, Henry L.; Johnson City, TN; 1963; Pages: 132
Austin: Genealogical Record of Robert Austin ; Baker, Maude C.; East Orange, NJ; 1928; Pages: 116
Austin: Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin ; Moore, Edith A; St Petersburg, FL; 1951; Pages: 742
Autry: The Family and Descendants of Captain John Autry ; Autry, Mahan Blair; Corsicana, TX; 1964; Pages: 209
Averill: The Averell-Averill-Avery Family. A Record of the Descendants of William and Abigail Averell of Ipswich, Mass. ; Avery, Clara A.; Cleveland, OH; 1914; Pages: 1122
Avery: The Groton Avery Clan, 2 volumes ; Avery, Elroy McKendree and Catharine Hitchcock Ave; Cleveland, OH; 1912; Pages: 1547
Ayars: Robert Ayars and His Descendants ; Andrews, Frank D.; Vineland, NJ; 1918; Pages: 100
Aylsworth: Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendants in America with Notes Historical and Genealogical Relating to the Family from Early English Records ; Aylsworth, Homer E. and James N. Arnold; Providence, RI; 1887; Pages: 632
BABBITTThe Babbitt Family History, 1643-1900, 2 vols ; Browne, William Bradford; Taunton, MA; 1912; Pages: 893
BABCOCKBabcock Genealogy ; Babcock, Stephen; New York, NY; 1903; Pages: 983
BABSONThe Babson Genealogy 1637-1977. Descendants of Isabel Babson who Arrived at Salem, Massachusetts in 1637 ; MacDougal, Catherine F.; Watertown, MA; 1978; Pages: 395
BACONA Genealogy of Asa Bacon ; Bacon, Erdix N.; Chelsea, VT; 1915; Pages: 36
BAGENALVicissitudes of An Anglo-Irish Family. 1530-1800 ; Bagenal, Philip H; London, England; 1925; Pages: 204
BAILDONBaildon and the Baildons. A History of a Yorkshire Manor and Family ; Baildon, W. Paley; England; 1912; Pages: 676
BAILEYThe Genealogical Record of the Descendants of James Bailey - Levi Bailey in Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY ; Taft, George; Brooklyn, NY; 1948; Pages: 147
BAILEYBailey Genealogy. James, John and Thomas and Their Descendants ; Bailey, Hollis R; Somerville, MA; 1899; Pages: 487
BAILEYThe Baileys of Baileytown. A Genealogy of the South Jersey Baileys with Especial Reference to the Descendants of Edward Bailey, Sr., of Cumberland Cou ; Bailey, Norman Walter; Swarthmore, PA; 1945; Pages: 164
BAILEYRecords of the Bailey Family. Descendants of William Bailey of Newport, Rhode Island ; ; Providence, RI; 1895; Pages: 255
BAIRD: Baird and Beard Families. A Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical Collection of Data ; Catchings, Fermine Baird; Nashville, TN; 1918; Pages: 247
BAKER: Baker and Allied Families ; Baker, Harry J., II; Crawfordville, IN; 1961; Pages: 85
BAKER: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Baker of Lynn, Mass, 1630 ; Baker, Nelson M.; Syracuse, NY; 1867; Pages: 101
BALCH: Balch Genealogica ; Balch, Thomas Willing; Philadelphia, PA; 1907; Pages: 456
BALDERSTON: Balderston Family History ; Balderston, Marion; ???; 1973; Pages: 52
BALDWIN: A Brief Genealogy of the Baldwins ; Baldwin, N. A.; Mt.Pleasant, IA; 1891; Pages: 70
BALDWIN: The Baldwin Genealogy From 1500-1881 ; Baldwin, Charles Candee; Cleveland, OH; 1881; Pages: 995
BALCH: Genealogy of the Balch Families in America ; Balch, Galusha B.; Salem, MA; 1897; Pages: 584
BALL: Ball Family Records: Genealogical Memoirs of Some Ball Families in Great Britain, Ireland and America ; Wright, William B.; York, England; 1908; Pages: 356
BALLIET: The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard and Allied Families ; Balliet, Stephen Clay; Baton Rouge, LA; 1968; Pages: 993
BALLINGER: ''The Ballinger Family from 1660 to 1900 including Seven Generation ; Harvey, Lanson B.; ; 1929; Pages: 32
BALLOU: ''An Elaborate History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America ; Ballou, Adin; Providence, RI; 1888; Pages: 1379
BALTZY: ''Genealogy of the Baltzly, Balsley, Polsley Family With Other Variations of the Name. Also A Sketch of Major William Haymond ; Bryan, Katherine A. Polsley; Columbus, OH; 1939; Pages: 416
BANCKER: ''A Partial History and Genealogical Record of the Banckers ; Banker, Howard; Rutland, VT; 1909; Pages: 466
BANGHART: ''History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family. New Jersey Tercentenary Edition 1664-1964 ; Mullin, Frederick L; Easton, PA; 1964; Pages: 271
BANGHART: ''Supplement to History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family ; Mullin, Frederick L., editor; Easton, NJ; 1968; Pages: 123
BARKSDALE: ''Barksdale. Family History and Genealogy (with Collateral Lines) ; Barksdale, Capt John A.; ; 1940; Pages: 659
BARRY: ''The Barry Family Records. Volume 1. Capt Charles Barry and His Descendants ; Parker, Laurence; Boston, MA; 1951; Pages: 162
BARRYMORE: ''Barrymore. Records of the Barrys of County Cork from the Earliest to the Present Time, with Pedigrees ; Barry, E.; Cork, Ireland; 1902; Pages: 218
BARTLETTGenealogical and Biographical Sketches of the Bartlett Family in England and America ; Bartlett, Levi; Lawrence, MA; 1876; Pages: 116
BARTRAM: JohnBartram Botanist; 1777; Pages 7
BATCHELDER: ''Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy. Descendants of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, of England… ; Pierce, Frederick C.; Chicago, IL; 1898; Pages: 634
BATESBates, Bears and Bunker Hill. With a Correction or Two ; Deacon, Edward; Bridgeport, CT; 1911; Pages: 94
BAYLOR: ''Baylor's History of the Baylors: A Collection of Records and Important Family Data ; Baylor, Orval Walker and Herny Bedinger Baylor; ; 1914; Pages: 82
BEACH: ''Beach in America. Containg General Information Regarding the Three Brothers… ; Beach, Elmer; Kalamazoo, MI; 1923; Pages: 153
BEACH: ''Beach Family Reminiscences and Annals ; Beach, David Nelson; Meriden, CT; 1931; Pages: 242
BEARD: ''Beard Family History and Genealogy ; Lindenberger, Ruth; [n.p.]; 1939; Pages: 133
BELL: ''The Bells in the Revolution. A Record of American Soldiers and Sailors of 1776 of the Name of Bell ; Clemens, William M.; New York, NY; 1916; Pages: 14
BELLOWS: ''The Bellows Genealogy or John Bellows the Boy Emigrant of 1635 and his Descendants ; Peck, Thomas Bellows; Keene, NH; 1898; Pages: 657
BENJAMIN: Genealogy of Park Benjamin ; Hoover, Merle M.; New York, NY; 1948; Pages: 92
BENJAMIN: ''The Benjamin family in America ; Bicha, Gloria Wall; Racine, WI; 1977; Pages: 1126
BENNETT: The Bennett Family 1628-1910 ; Bennett, Edgar B.; East Berlin, CT; 1910; Pages: 66
BENT: ''The Bent Family in America, Being Mainly a Genealogy of the Descendants of John Bent ; Bent, Allen; Boston, MA; 1900; Pages: 338
BENTLEYThe Bentley Family with Genealogical Records ; Brinkerhoff, Roeliff; Mansfield, OH; 1897; Pages: 21
BERGEN: ''The Bergen Family of the Descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, One of the Early Settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I. ; Bergen, Teunis G.; New York, NY; 1866; Pages: 326
BERGEY: Genealogy of the Bergey Family ; Bergey, David H.; New York, NY; 1925; Pages: 1192
BERNHEIM: The Story of the Bernheim Family ; Bernheim, Isaac Wolfe; Louisville, KY; 1910; Pages: 200
BERTOLET: A Genealogical History of the Bertolet Family, The Descendants of John Bertolet ; Bertole, Daniel H.; Harrisburg, PA; 1914; Pages: 309
BEUSSE: Sketches of the Beusse and Evans Families ; Beusse, J. H.; Athens, GA; 1923; Pages: 152
BICKNELL: History & Genealogy of the Bicknell Family ; Bicknell, Thomas W.; Providence, RI; 1913; Pages: 748
BIDDLE: And This is Our Heritage (Biddle Family) ; Leithold, Esther M.; Woodland, CA; 1944; Pages: 202 BIDDLE: Notes on the Genealogy of the Biddle Family ; Biddle, Henry D.; Philadelphia, PA; 1895; Pages: 94
BIERER: The Bierer-Berry Family: A Record of the Descendants of John and Barbara Bierer Together with Brief Accounts of the Holtzinger… ; Berry, Charles J.; Minneapolis, MN; 1933; Pages: 138
BRIGHAM: The History of the Brigham Family: Second Volume ; Brigham, Emma Elisabeth; Rutland, VT; 1927; Pages: 354
BILLINGSLEY: The Billingsley Family, Billingsley, Billingslea in America ; Davis, Harry A.; Washington, DC; 1936; Pages: 987
BINGHAM: Genealogy of the Bingham Family ; Bingham, Theodore A; Harrisburg, PA; 1898; Pages: 340
BINGHAM: Memoirs of the Binghams ; McCalmont, Rose E; London, England; 1915; Pages: 264
BINGHAM: The Bingham Family in the United States: Bingham, Theodore A.; Easton, PA; 1927; Pages: 466
BISSELL: General Daniel Bissell his Ancestors and Descendants and the Hoyt, Strong, and Other Families with Which They Intermarried ; Jessop, Edith N; New York, NY; 1927; Pages: 162
BISSELL: The Descendants of Captain John Bissell. Part 1. The First Five Generations ; Pelham, St. George B.; New York, NY; 1966; Pages: 138
BLAKENEY: Ancestors of Benjamin Ferris Blakeney and His Wife Stella Peronne Sabin ; Frost, Josephine; Brooklyn, NY; 1926; Pages: 463
BLACKMAN: Blackmanss and Allied Families ; Holman, Alfred L.; Chicago, IL; 1928; Pages: 299
BLACKSHEAR: ''(Blackshear Family) ; Blackshear, Perry Lynnfield; Atlanta, GA; 1954; Pages: 506
BLAIR: ''The Blair Family of New England ; Leavitt, Emily; Boston, MA; 1900; Pages: 202
BLETHEN: ''Genealogy of the Blethen Family ; Blethen, Alden Joseph; Seattle, WA; 1911; Pages: 108
BLISS: ''Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America, from About the Year 1550-1880 ; Bliss, John H.; Boston, MA; 1881; Pages: 819
BLODGETT: Asabel Blodgett of Hudson and Dorchester, New Hampshire, His American Ancestors and His Descendants ; Blodgett, Isaac; Boston, MA; 1906; Pages: 164
BLODGETT: Honorable Samuel Blodgett ; Browne, George Waldo; Manchester, NH; 1907; Pages: 60
BLOOD: The Story of the Bloods Including an Account of the Early Generations of the Family in America in Genealogical Lines from Robert Blood… ; Harris, Roger D.; Boston, MA; 1960; Pages: 215
BLOOD: Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Richard Blood-Baptist Hicks and Allied Families ; Toler, Grace; Mounds, IL; 1933; Pages: 112
BLYENBECK: The Blyenbeck and Afferden Branch of the Family of Schenck van Nydeck. From the Family of Schenck van Nydeggen. ; Hampton, VA; 1885; Pages: 28
BOAKE: The Beech Tree: A History of the Boake Family in England and America ; Panzer, Dorothy B.; Downey, CA; 1970; Pages: 278
BOAKE: The Beech Tree: A History of the Boake Family in England and America ; Panzer, Dorothy B.; Downey, CA; 1970; Pages: 278
BOGARDUS: A Genealogical History of the Ancestors & Descendants of General Robert Bogardus ; Gray, Maria; Boston, MA; 1927; Pages: 319
BOLTON: Bolton Families of Ireland ; Bolton, Charles K.; Boston, MA; 1937; Pages: 140
BOLTON: Family of Peter Bolton ; Bolton, Thaddeus; ; 1923; Pages: 28
BOLTON: The Boltons of Old and New England ; Bolton, Charles K.; Albany, NY; 1889; Pages: 111
BONHAM: Bonham 1631-1908 ; Smith, Emmett L.; Chicago, IL; 1911; Pages: 88
BONNIFIELD: Descendants of Gregory Bonnifield (1326-1394) ; Maxwell, C. J.; Dallas, TX; 1949; Pages: 194
BONTECOU: The Bontecou Genealogy: A Record of the Descendants of Pierre Bontecou, a Huguenot Refugee from France, in the Line of His Sons… ; Morris, John E.; Hartford, CT; 1885; Pages: 271
BONTECOU: The Ancestry of Daniel Bontecou of Springfield, Massachusetts. A Record of Forty Sucessive Generations, Extending through Thirteen Centuries ; Morris, John E.; Hartford, CT; 1887; Pages: 29
BOODEY: Annals of the Boodeys in New England Together with lessons of Law and Life from John Eliot, the Apostle, to the Indians. ; Caverly, Robert B.; Lowell, MA; 1880; Pages: 322
BORDEN: Historical and Genealogical Records of Richard and Joan Borden; Weld, Hattie Borden; Albany, NY; 1899; Pages: 414
BORNEMAN: ''The History of the Borneman Family in America Since the First Settler… ; Borneman, J. H.; Boyertown, PA; 1881; Pages: 114
BORTHWICK: ''The Borthwick Family. A History and Genealogy of the Family of Borthwick Chiefly in Scotland and America ; Borthwick, William S.; Cornwallville, NY; 1936; Pages: 160
BOSTWICK: ''Genealogy of the Bostwick Famiy in America ; Bostwick, Henry A.; New York; 1901; Pages: 1158
Botsford:The American Family Botsford ; Jacobus, Donald L; Winona, MN; 1933; Pages: 22
Botsford: Adventures in Ancestors (Botsford Family) (2 vols.) ; Botsford, Eli Herbert; Williamstown, MA; 1936-39; Pages: 296
Bottum: The Bottum (Longbottom) Family Alburm An Historical and Biographical Genealogy of the Descendants of Daniel (-1732) and Elizabeth Lamb Longbottom of.. ; Oliver, Rebekah D.; Denver, CO; 1970; Pages: 372
Bourne: The Bourne Genealogy ; Lee, Helen Bourne Joy; Chester, CT; 1972; Pages: 606
Bourn: A Sketch of the Descendants of Jared Bourn, who settled in Boston about the Year 1630 ; Bourn, A. O.; Bristol, RI; 1875; Pages: 34
Bourne: History of Richard Bourne andSome of His Descendants ; Dykes, Hannah S. B.; Cleveland, OH; 1919; Pages: 290
Bouton: Family Descendants of John Bouton, a Native of France, Who Embarked from Gravesend, England and Landed at Boston in December, 1635… ; Boughton, James; Albany, NY; 1890; Pages: 694
Boulier: The Genealogy of the Boulier, Bulyea-Belyea Family. 1697-1969 ; Tisdale, Florence G. and Marjorie Rennie; [n.p.]; 1970; Pages: 279
Bowie: The Bowies and Their Kindred ; Bowie, Walter W.; Washington, DC; 1899; Pages: 525
Bowie: George Bowie of Stirlingshire, Scotland ; Bowie, Ellis Leola; Portland, ME; 1962; Pages: 124
Bowman: The Bowmans: A History of Hans Dieterick Bauman and His Descendants ; Thomas, Augusta Dillman; Mahanoy, PA; 1934; Pages: 465
Boyd: History of the Boyd Family & Descendants with Historical Sketches of the Ancient Family of Boyds in Scotland from the Year 1200… ; Boyd, William P.; Rochester, NY; 1912; Pages: 524
Boyd: The Boyd Family ; Boyd, Arthur S.; New York, NY; 1924; Pages: 48
Boynton:The Boynton Family. A Genealogy of Descendants of William and John Boynton who Emigrated from Yorkshire in 1638 and Settled at Rowley, Massachusetts, Essex County, Massachusetts; Boyton, John Farnham & Caroline (Harriman) Boynton; Groveland?, MA; 1897; Pages: 465
Boynton: ''American Boynton Directory Containing Addresses of All Know Boynton, Boyington and Byingtons ; Boynton, John Farnham; Syracuse, NY; 1884; Pages: 148
Brackett: Brackett Genealogy ; Brackett, Herbert; D.C.; 1907; Pages: 625
Bradbury: Bradbury Memorial ; Lapham, William Berry; Portland, ME; 1890; Pages: 332
Bradford:Governor William Bradford and his Son, Major William Bradford ; Shepard, James; New Britain, CT; 1900; Pages: 103
Branch: Branchiana ; Cabell, James Branch; Richmond, VA; 1907; Pages: 201
Branner: Casper Branner of Virginia and his Descendants ; Branner, John; Stanford, CA; 1913; Pages: 480
Brant: The Brant Genealogy of Somerset County, Pennsylvania ; Cober, Alvin Alonzo; Berlin, PA; 1932; Pages: 138
Breck: Genealogy of the Breck Family Descended from Edward of Dorchester and his Brothers in America, with an Appendix of Additional Biographical and…….. ; Breck, Samuel; Omaha, NE; 1889; Pages: 278
Brent: The Descendants of Hugh Brent ; Brent, Chester; Rutland, VT; 1936; Pages: 276
Brett: The Brett Genealogy ; Goodenow, Lucy G. Belcher; Cambridge, MA; 1915; Pages: 588
Brewer: Brewer Genealogy ; Robinson, Harriet A; Salem, MA; 1903; Pages: 50
Brewster: A Genealogy of the Eight Brewster Cousins of Northern Ohio ; Brewster, Carl M.; Ann Arbor, MI; 1937; Pages: 74
Bridgman: Genealogy of the Bridgman Family ; Bridgman, Burt N & Joseph C.; Hyde Park, MA; 1894; Pages: 202
Bright: Historical Sketch of the Bright Family. ; Green, A. G.; Reading, PA; 1900; Pages: 32
Briggs: Clement Briggs of Plymouth Colony and his Descendants, 1621-1965. With Abstracts of Probate and Land Records. Vols. I & II ; Hannibal, Edna A. and Claude W. Barlow; Palo Alto, CA; Japan; 1966-9; Pages: 588
Briggs: The Briggs Genealogy with Allied White Lines ; Aldridge, Berthan; Victor, NY; 1953; Pages: 136
Brigham: The History of the Brigham Family. A Record of Several Thousand Descendants of Thomas Brigham the Emigrant, 1608-1658 ; Brigham, W. I. Tyler; New York, NY; 1907; Pages: 782

Bromley: The Bromley Genealogy; Being a Record of the Descendants of Luke Bromley ; Bromley, Viola A.; New York, NY; 1911; Pages: 487

Bromwell: The Bromwell Genealogy: Including Descendants of William Brownell and Beulah Hall, with data Relating to Others of the Bromwell name in America.. ; Bromwell, Henrietta; Denver, CO; 1910; Pages: 245
Broaddus: A History of the Broaddus Family, From the Time of the Settlement of the Progenitor of the Family in the United States… ; Broaddus, Andrew; St. Louis, MO; 1888; Pages: 206
Brown: The New Jersey Browns ; Brown, Charlotte C. and Margaret J. B. Lindsey; Milwaukee, WI; 1931; Pages: 170
Brownell: The Ancestors and Descendants of Veranus Brownell. Itinerant Methodist Preacher ; Rogers, Lowell L; Webster, NY; 1931; Pages: 180
Browning: Genealogy of the Brownings in America from 1621-1908. ; Browning, Edward F.; Newburgh, NY; 1908; Pages: 984
Bruce: Book of Bruce, Ancestors and Descendants of King Robert of Scotland… ; Weeks,Lyman Horace; New York, NY; 1907; Pages: 440
Buchanan: (Missing) Buchanan and Allied Families ; Rex, Clara; Norristown, PA; 1931; Pages: 128
Buck: The Bucks of Wethersfield, Connecticut and the Families with which they are Connected by Marriage. A Biographical and Genealogical Sketch ; Buck, Albert H.; Roanoke, VA; 1909; Pages: 160
Buckner: The Buckners of Virginia and the Alled Families of Strother and Ashby ; Buckner, William Dickinson; New York, NY; 1907; Pages: 500
Buell: A Memory of the Buell Centennial Reunion ; -----; East Bloomfield, NY; 1899; Pages: 96
Bukenham: Notes and extracts from numerous authorities respecting the family of Bukenham or Bokenham, of Norfolk and Suffolk, from 1066 to 1883 ; Maudslay, Henry; London, England; 1884; Pages: 400
Bulkeley: The Bulkeley Genealogy: Rev. Peter Bulkeley… ; Jacobus, Donald L.; New Haven, CT; 1933; Pages: 1075
Bulkeley: The Bulkeley Family of the Descendants of Reverend Peter Bulkeley, Who Settled at Concord, Massachusetts in 1636 ; Chapman, F. W.; Hartford, CT; 1875; Pages: 301
Bull: John Bull of Perkiomen Early Philadelphia County, now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania… ; Bull, James Henry; San Francisco, CA; 1930; Pages: 506
Bullard: A Genealogical Sketch of Dr. Artemas Bullard of Sutton, and his Decendants ; Barton, William Sumner; Worcester, MA; 1878; Pages: 24
Bullen: Biography of Herschel Bullen of Richmond, Utah ; Sorenson, A. N.; [n.p.]; 1954; Pages: 108
Bunker:Bunker Genealogy: Descendants of James Bunker of Dover, N.H., 3 volumes ; Moran, Edward Carleton; ; 1961-1965; Pages: 406
Burley: The Genealogy of the Burley or Burleigh of America ; Burleigh, Charles; Portland, ME; 1880; Pages: 228
Burnham: Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham, the Emigrant, Who was Among the Early Settlers at Hartford, Connecticut and His Descendants, ; Burnham, Roderick H.; Hartford, CT; 1884; Pages: 308
Burnley: Our Burnley Ancestors ; Dicken, Emma; New York, NY; 1946; Pages: 286
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