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Hi! My name is Beverly Repouille. I am a member of the Wiki Support Team.

Here is a bit about me!

I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Maine. We call ourselves "Mainiacs" - and for good reason! I have 2 younger brothers. I was a member of the Lutheran Church until after my marriage.

After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Maine for about a year and a half studying Music Education. I left school after a "misunderstanding" with the dean of the college and ended up marrying my high school sweetheart who had just entered the Air Force.

We lived in several different states - Florida, Mississippi, Delaware, and Nebraska where we currently reside. My husband retired from the military about 18.5 years ago and we love the Midwest so much we decided to stay. My dear husband is almost ready to retire a second time!

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During my "working" years, I was employed by several different fast-food restaurants and had the opportunity to attend many of their training centers. I even had the privilege of graduating from the 500th Class of Hamburger University (yes, there really is such a place).

I also worked for several companies in various clerical positions. My favorite was a medical university where I was a research assistant for several doctors. I was able to assist them in preparing articles for medical journals and presentations for conventions. It was a job that was always changing and I loved the variety!

After joining the Church, I was called to fill many positions - most of them in the musical end of serving the Lord. I've held the following callings:

Ward - Librarian, music coordinator, music director, choir director, organist, pianist (current), RS teacher, RS VT coordinator (current), Sunday School teacher, YW Craft Counselor for Camp, Primary counselor, Primary teacher, and Primary nursery leader.

Stake - Stake Family History Center Director, Stake FHC trainer, Stake RS Counselor, Stake RS Secretary, Stake Primary Secretary, Stake Music Leader, and Stake Choir Director.

I am currently "retired" and enjoy spending my time helping others research their family history and promoting the family history-related websites available to us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I also enjoy singing, pretending to play the piano, crocheting, cooking, and my family and friends.

I have worked on my own and others family histories for almost 40 years. I was a Family History Center Director for 12 years and enjoyed teaching people one-on-one, in groups, and at conferences.

My interests lie in the New England States, Early America, the early Latter-day Saint Pioneers especially in the Winter Quarter area, and many others I have yet to discover!

I look forward to serving where needed!