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Brunswick (Braunschweig) Archives and Libraries[edit | edit source]

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Archive Addresses and Repositories[edit | edit source]

Listing of the Archives and Libraries in state of Niedersachsen (not the Societies and associated Libraries and Museums).

Braunschweig[edit | edit source]

Niedersachsen Landesarchiv Wolfenbüttel
Forstweg 2
38302 Wolfenbüttel

Telephone 05331 935-0
Fax 05331 935-211
E-mail (post office)

  • Archiv Stadt und Kreis Lauban
    Kiefelhorn 13
    38154 Königslutter am Elm
    Ph.: 49 5354000

  • Braunschweig City Archives
    Schlossplatz 1
    38100 Braunschweig

    Fax:(0531) 470-4725
    Postal address: City Braunschweig City Archives
    Schlossplatz 1
    38100 Braunschweig
    Phone: Information / Lesesaal (0531) 470-4719
    Secretariat / Administration (0531) 470-4711
    • The city archive of Braunschweig contains the following:
      • The Urkundenarchiv (record archive) has guild and church records.
      • The Alte Ratsarchiv (city council records)  houses city records, bills and other records up tp 1671.
      • The Ältere Magistratsarchiv (older magistrate records 1671-1825) are the citizenship records, trade registers and archival records of the French occupation.
      • The Jüngere Magistratsarchiv (younger magistrate records 1825-1930) are the Registration Office (Einwohner-/Meldeamt) records, city administrations and wills.
      • The Sonderarchiv ( non-city archival records) has estate records and church books.
      • The Sammlungen (collections) have funeral sermons and Ahnentafeln.

Source: Stadtarchiv_Braunschweig