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Wiki pages to link from:[edit | edit source]

This needs to help new users especially.

  • Welcome (needs a few edits -- such as "try")
  • Help:Contributor Help
  • How to contact contributors

Additional helps needed for new users[edit | edit source]

  • Anything we do with a webinar -- making these available will help
  • Getting their feedback and getting a group who will implement it

Ideas for Contributors[edit | edit source]

Dawne: how to contribute Where to contribute on the different levels of locality, jurisdictions, topcis

Links[edit | edit source]

  • Add links
  1. to the Internet
  2. to other Wiki articles
  • Add links to FamilySearch Wiki on your website
  1. For example, if you are a coordinator for Shelby County, Tennessee on TNGenWeb, make a link on your TNGenWeb page to the Shelby County, Tennessee page on FamilySearch Wiki.
  2. Are you part of an online genealogy list? Consider pointing out particular items you found valuable on specific FamilySearch Wiki pages to get the word out.
  • Edit existing links
  1. Help the user decide to click or not.
  2. Let them know what to expect before they follow the link.
  3. Is it free? Subscription? Is the index free, with cost to view image?
  4. What years does it cover?
  5. Is it extracted or user-submitted?

Ideas for County pages
[edit | edit source]

  • Find local holdings
Library -- what published family histories or surname files does your local library have? We'd love to see these added to Wiki pages. 
Historical/genealogical societies - which RootsWeb lists carry the most conversations about genealogy in your county?
When you want to find a tombstone in your county, where do you look first? What are the best cemetery resources online or in print?
Local fraternal organizations: Eagles, Elks, Masons
Individuals (Do they have a collection that could be thrown away when they pass away or move? Start a campaign to get those willed to .... someplace that will preserve it and make it available.
Unpublished indexes (newspapers, cemeteries)
  • Do a timeline for the county
  • Include township changes
  • What projects would be helpful? Indexing local records, FamilySearch Indexing?
  • Search the Internet for information about this county.
  • What is listed in NUCMC on the Internet for this county?
  • What business records exist? Can local long-time businesses be approached about their records?
  • Cross reference books already mentioned in the county page with the public library holdings. Add unpublished manuscripts held by the library, including family histories. The library may want to acquire some that they don't have from the county list.
  • Do you know which families from your county have had their DNA tested? The public would love to know.
  • If your county has suffered record loss -- what tips can you provide to people to help overcome this type of obstacle? Are there chancery records, etc., stored elsewhere that document relationships for families in burned counties?