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The Library staff translates names, dates, places, occupations, and familial relationships on a single page -- not entire documents. They will do this as time permits. If additional translation is needed, the following suggestions may be helpful:

Available through the Family History Library and FamilySearch Wiki(Here) are Genealogy Word Lists, which provide foreign language to English translation of words found in genealogy records.

They are:[edit | edit source]

Websites that can help Translate[edit | edit source]

Many free translation websites are available on the Internet. A few are: 

You can find other sites by searching for the topic "free translation".

  • Be sure to select a reputable language translation service provider that you can trust to create an accurate translation of your website content.
  • You may inquire about translation services at your nearest university or college, possibly from its language department or through cultural groups on campus.
  • You may also hire a professional genealogist specializing in the locality that you are researching to read the document. If you wish, we can give you the contact information of some professional genealogical societies who can recommend a professional researcher to you.
  • Your church congregation or the local family history center may have persons who could translate.
  • Consider obtaining a foreign language dictionary (example: German to English, etc.). Check with your local library, bookstore, or a national bookseller.
  • You might inquire of the Consulate of a country, which uses the language of your concern. Consulates are usually located in Washington, D.C. and easily reached by phone. Branch Consular Offices are often located in major U.S. cities, especially seaport cities. You can find these numbers by using a search engine such as or
  • Public facilities such as hospitals, county/city buildings, social services offices and the Immigration and Naturalization Services offices frequently maintain a list of available professional translators for different languages.
  • Local cultural groups such as "The Sons of Italy" may also agree to translate documents
  • A short classified ad in a local paper is often helpful in seeking translation services.