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Guide to Tibet 西藏 ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

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Location Information[edit | edit source]

Tibet (西藏) is a region in East Asia, the homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups such as Monpa, Tamang, Qiang, Sherpa, and Lhonba people. Tiber has several pre-modern Chinese names, such as Wusiguo (烏斯國), Wusizang (烏斯藏), Tubote (圖伯特), and Tanggute (唐古忒;). The six red bands in the Tibetan flag represents the original ancestors of the Tibetan people, they are: the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru and Ra. Other ethnic groups that can be found here include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi People. [1]

Tibet Map[edit | edit source]

Tibet Province Overseas Affairs Office 西藏自治区外事办公室[edit | edit source]

Website: http://www.xizangfao.gov.cn/

Address: 中国故宫西藏拉萨市城关区林廓北路 11 号

City Level Overseas Affairs Offices 市政府侨务办公室[edit | edit source]

  • 拉萨市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 891 6324151

Fax: +86 891 6324151

Email: xizangyouxie@163.com

Address: 中国西藏拉萨市林廓北路 11 号

  • 日喀则市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 892 8823197
  • 昌都市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 895 4844000
  • 林之市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 894 5826861

Address: 中国西藏自治区林芝市巴直区

  • 山南市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 893 7821601
  • 那曲市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 896 3823924
  • 阿里地区外事办公室 - Phone: +86 897 2825622

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