Thai Surnames Beginning With ฆ

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Below is a chart containing Thai surnames starting with ฆ (K, G) and the corresponding English spelling of that surname.[1] The last column in the table contains a link to the first known individual with the surname in FamilySearch Family Tree. For more information go to the Thailand Personal Names Wiki page.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Thail Surnames English spelling English spelling in Family Tree
ฆายนานนท์ Ghayanananda KHAINANON
โฆษจันทร Ghoshachandra KHOSCHANTHON
โฆษะทัต Ghoshadatta KHOSATHAT
โฆษะนัฎ Ghoshanata KHOSANAT
โฆษะนันทน์ Ghoshanandana KHOSANANTHA
โฆษะโยธิน Ghoshayodhin KHOSAYOOTHIN
โฆสวรรณะ Ghosavarna KHOSAWANA

References[edit | edit source]