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This is the {{talkarchive}} message box.

It can be placed at the top of archive pages. But some users like to place it both at the top and the bottom of the archive pages.

Usually this template needs no parameters. But you can add an optional parameter to specify a different link to the "current talk page", for instance in cases of page renames/moves or if it's a subpage. Like this:


Technical details[edit source]

This template contains the __NOEDITSECTION__ magic word which means that the archive pages do not get section [edit] links. If you want to keep the section [edit] links, for instance when only demonstrating this template on a non-archive page, then feed an empty "category=" parameter to suppress the NOEDITSECTION tag. (Just like when suppressing automatic categorisation in many other message boxes.) Like this:


See also[edit source]

Help:Archiving a talk page provides detailed instructions on archiving pages.