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Purpose[edit source]

When Record Search changed from beta to production, articles that had used this template were all updated with a single edit to this template.

Usage[edit source]

This template can be used to link to specific FamilySearch Historical Record Collections available for search. It can take three parameters

  1. The reference for the collection optional
    • If omitted the URL for the site will be displayed
  2. The text to be displayed in the link. optional
    • If omitted the reference number will be displayed instead.
  3. access= optional named parameter. If the parameter is omitted it will default to the correct output for searchable collections
    • Used for linking to a Browse image only collection. This is done by using access=browse.
    • Used for linking to a specific browsing waypoint within a collection. This is done by using access=waypoint.

Example[edit source]

You type You get

Record Collection 1610550

|England, Cheshire Nonconformist Church Records

England, Cheshire Nonconformist Church Records

|Argentina National Census, 1869

Argentina National Census, 1869

|Probate records for Rensselaer County

Probate records for Rensselaer County


Historical Record Collections

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