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History[edit source]

(Brief history of city. Limit a couple of hundred words if possible)

Community Areas[edit source]

(Suburbs or Neighborhoods)

Resources[edit source]

Archives[edit source]

(Local archives only available in the city)

Libraries[edit source]

(List of city libraries and description of genealogical materials available)

Genealogical and Historical Societies[edit source]

(List of associations, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, meeting times)

Museums[edit source]

Biographies[edit source]

Cemeteries[edit source]

(List of city cemeteries, locations, sexton, hours, etc.)

Churches[edit source]

Directories[edit source]

Court Records[edit source]

Land and Property[edit source]

Taxation[edit source]

Vital Records[edit source]

(Location of any vital records that might have been kept on a city level and how to access them)

Births[edit source]

Marriages[edit source]

Death[edit source]

Ethnic Research[edit source]

Websites[edit source]

(City wedsites)

References[edit source]