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Usage[edit source]

The {{Adoption sign}} template has been created as an adoption sign to be used in the Adopt-A-Wiki Page Program.

When this template is added to a page, the page will be automatically added to Category:Adopted pages.

Example[edit source]

You type You get

{{Adoption sign}}

Adopt-a-wiki page
This page is available for adoption
Adopt a page today

{{Adoption sign|small=true}}

Adopt-a-wiki page
This page is available for adoption
Adopt a page today

{{Adoption sign|Add '''custom''' text}}

Adopt-a-wiki page
Add custom text
Adopt a page today
Example of use on a user page

{{Adoption sign}}

Kylogosm.gif This user is a member of KYGenWeb Project, an organization that has adopted some pages in the wiki.

Adding sign inside an infobox[edit source]

It is possible to add the adoption sign inside an infobox. To do so add the following code inside the infobox template on the page.

| adoption_sign = Adoption sign

Parameters[edit source]

There are two parameters that are used to create the custom look of the adoption sign. Edit this one template to make changes in the sign wherever it has been added in the wiki.

These parameters are:

(optional) This is the filename of the image to be used as a logo inside the sign. If the parameter is not defined no logo is displayed and the text part of the sign will fill the complete width.
This is the text (can include wikicode) that will be displayed within the sign. If this parameter is not defined then the default text is This page is available for adoption.

| custom_text = {{{1|}}}

Then on different pages, different custom text can be added as needed.

{{Adoption sign|add custom text inside the template}}
(optional) Add addtional custom text to the adoption sign. Wiki markup allowed.