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Tasmania Births, Marriages, and Deaths

Registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in December 1838. Before that date, information can be traced through church records.

You can now view 73,580 digital images of these records on the FamilySearch website.

Information in the Records[edit | edit source]

Births Prior to 1896
[edit | edit source]

  • Given name (if known at time of registration) and surname
  • Date and place of birth
  • Names of parents, including the maiden surname of mother
  • Father's occupation

In 1896 the date and place of the parents' marriage were added. In 1902 the ages and birthplaces of the parents were added. In 1909 previous issue (children) were added.

Deaths Prior to 1897[edit | edit source]

  • Name of deceased
  • Date and place of death
  • Age at death
  • Occupation
  • Cause of death

In 1897 the birthplace of the deceased was added, although in some instances this had been informally included since the 1880s. In 1914 the age at marriage and number of issue were added.

Marriages Prior to 1896
[edit | edit source]

  • Names of the bride and groom
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Age at marriage (sometimes only whether "under" or "over" age, i.e. 21)
  • Occupation and status (e.g. bachelor and spinster)
  • Names of witnesses to the marriage
  • Names of parents

In 1896 the places of birth were added. Where the marriage took place in a church no other information is contained in the church record of the event.

The above information was taken from Brief Guide 15: information recorded in Tasmanian birth, death, and marriage records.

Indexes[edit | edit source]

  • Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database

The Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database is designed to provide an initial online genealogical research resource. It links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information about individuals is based primarily on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events, held in the Archives Office and the linkages have been developed by family historians associated with the former National Heritage Foundation in the late 1990s. The database contains approximately five hundred thousand entries.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Quite a few births were registered without a given name. It is possible to find the names by doing the following.

  • Look at the civil register to see if a name was added after the index was created.
  • Look at the civil register to see if a note was added about where the child was baptized and his or her given name.
  • Search additional records, such as marriage, newspapers or obituaries, to decide by a preponderance of evidence the probable name of the child.

Location of Original Records
[edit | edit source]

Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages

15 Murray Street
G.P.O. Box 198
Hobart, Tasmania 7001
(011) (61) (2) 30-3793

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