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Need non-obituary examples, in the "Indexing Obituaries" guide.[edit source]

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Please include an example of obituary project images that might be found, other than obituaries, with an "how we would index it" example. For example, this project says "Obituaries, estate sales, funeral notices, police reports, index cards, and anything related to a death."

This is very important for indexers, but more so for arbitrators. How do you know which to arbitrate if one person's judgement said "Normal" and the other says "No extractable data".

Questions include:

   Estate sale - Do we include the estate agent?

   Index cards - What about cross reference cards (usually for women, pointing to other married or maiden name cards, especially in case of multiple marriages.) Most people say "No extractable data", but it would help people get to the obituary image if they follow the name clues and didn't know about a 2nd or 3rd marriage.

   Newspaper Articles - Do we include any names found in the article? Witnesses, suspects, etc.? The byline?

   Police Reports - Does this actually refer to articles in newspapers based on the police blotter? If it's an actual report, are there any names on here you do *not* index?



I really hope this is going to the right place. If I didn't get there, please feel free to delete this. I believe I am posting feedback to a "this information didn't help me" link under Project Updates.

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