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Be sure to read all the way through instructions & updates. Titles may be listed further in the obituary, rather than at the first. Also, some arbitrators change relationships to assumed gender specific, even though no definite gender was noted.

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I have a question about duplicate newspaper obituaries when it is in the same batch and is just published on a different day. Do I mark that as a duplicate image or not since strictly speaking it is not duplicate but when it is read it is all the very same information?

I have a question regarding the correct way to index the cards that appear on the Michigan Obits 1868-2005 Part A, in particular the ones that will read something like this:

on the top of the image is a name:  Smith, Carol (Mrs. William) of


See obit of brother Michael Jones 6-17-1879

Do we index it or is this no extractable data?  Have been marked off if I index it but then when I mark it as ned, the next arbitrator marks me off and indicates it should be indexed.  There are no samples to use as guides.  This has happened several times.  What is the correct thing to do?  Now there are others coming up from Civil War and again no guides.  These should be updated to tell us what to do.  Please help!  I have been returning batches because I don't know what to do.