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Where is the link to the Swinton Parish registers?[edit source]


Why is there not a link to the images of Swinton St Peters Parish Registers from this page?  I'm sorry if there is one, but I have looked over this page several times but cannot see it.

Yours sincerely

Martin Critchley

Hi Martin Critchley:  I was working on wiki research maintenance and came across your question about a link to images of Swinton St Peters Parish Registers.  I read and re-read the article several times.  The parish register information was to direct the researcher to the sources that can be found through the Family History Library microfilms, which you can order to your local family history center.  The film numbers are in the tables listed and in the far right column.  

There were notes - looks like reminder notes of what could be added in the future by the original contributor or future contributors [i.e. Add links to the Family History Library Catalog...] - within different categories.

The reason there isn't a link to the images is that there wasn't one to begin.  All links in the article are active.  I did find an on-line link of some marriages for this parish and will place that link into the article for you and others research help.  

Happy Research times to you.

User:Saguache214  31Oct2011 8:36p.m.