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Regarding naming  patterns in the featured article,  it all depended  on  where the people lived and the time period. Naming patterns in the cities was different than the rural areas.  Patronymics as a surname was used  the last 300  years (according to  Cradled in Sweden). Soldier  names  are a category of  itself.  The  featured article is too  generic. Ube Fröberg Morris 20:55, 17 February 2008 (MST)

FamilySearch Historical Records Links

Today there were 6 links added to the Research Tools section of the Sweden Portal page in the FamilySearch Wiki. All 6 links point to Historical Records for the Swedish collections.

The research tools area was intended to be a place for tools… not records. Pages that discuss the FamilySearch historical records collections for Sweden have already been linked to the church records articles for Sweden, which makes sense. Linking them to the county pages where there are indexing projects or historical records data also makes sense. But making the research tools box 1/3 larger in size for better visibility of historical records does not.

I think it would be a better use of space to have one page linking to Historical records for Sweden with the 6 links there. Even that link does not belong in the research tools area.

MorrisGF 22:17, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

The following is taken from a FamilySearch Forums post. Annelie Jonsson gave this the following information; [1]

Emigrants from Falköping
A lot of swedes settled down in US, about 13 000 of those came from the parishes in the area of Falköping, Skaraborg, Sweden (52 parishes). Some are listed founds others not. Those who are listed can be found at the website, the lists are sorted on birthparish and on death state and county.

A data base of the emigrants from Falbygden and their families in the old home country and the new is on the way. So far it has 53 500 individuals. The database isn’t online but you can make a query and I will make a lookup. If the person you looking for isn’t in the base I might be able to help out.

The parishes are:

Bjurum, Bolum, Borgunda, Börstig, Brismene, Broddetorp, Brunnhem
Falköping (2 parsishes), Fivlered, Floby, Friggeråker
Grolanda, Gökhem, Göteve, Gudhem
Håkantorp, Hällestad, Högstena, Hornborga
Kälvene, Karleby, Kinneved
Marka, Mularp
Näs, Norra Åsarp
Sätuna, Segerstad, Skörstorp, Slöta, SOlberga, Sörby, Södra Kyrketorp, Stenstorp
Tiarp, Torbjörntorp, Trävattna
Ugglum, Ullene
Valtorp, Vårkumla, Vartofta-Åsaka,
Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp
Östra Tunhem

/Annelie Jonsson

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Page Content for Review[edit source]

Orphanages in Sweden
New content has been created to better understand how the orphanages in Sweden came about, and how they changed through the years. The articles will also introduce you to the records they left behind.
See more at: Orphanages in Sweden

Jurisdictions and Records[edit source]

Civil JurisdictionsJudicial JurisdictionsMilitary JurisdictionsChurch JurisdictionsSwedish Juris Bar 1.jpg

       Civil Juris.            Judicial Juris.           Military Juris.      Church Juris.

Civil RecordsJudicial RecordsArmy RecordsChurch Records4 Open Books Next to Each Other.jpg

       Civil Rec.              Judicial Rec.       Army / Naval Rec.    Church Rec.

Names and Naming Conventions - link target gone?[edit source]

Sweden Research Tools Swedish Names and Naming Conventions :

Attempt to use gave this result: cannot be found

                                Displaying search results for

A search for "Swedish Names and Naming Conventions" lead to a Wikipedia article


I'm not sure that is a good link to use in replacement of the failed link. Regardless the failed link should be removed. Pasketd (talk) 22:41, 17 January 2020 (MST)

RESPONSE Thank you for noticing this! I changed the link to go to the Wiki page about Sweden Names, Personal. If you happen to run across an appropriate link outside of the Wiki, please let us know!
Brepouille, 06:16, 18 January 2020 (MST)