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Some good additions on this page! Keep up the good work!

Quick question -- Did you want the image of Thiselton at the top of the page or where it is on the page? There is still an image code at the top of the page. Jimmy B. Parker 00:03, 2 September 2010 (UTC)


Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated.  I would love to have this photo displayed where it is at the moment, that would be awesome.

I have found much more than what is on the page at this moment in time, and am really looking forward to adding it. This is certainly going to be a long term ongoing project, and one that will be extremely rewarding.

I'm still not quite sure where you want the picture of Thiselton. There is some coding at the very top of the page, but not where the picture currently resides. There is more coding next to Kangaroo Island, which is where the picture (image) currently shows on the page. If you want it where the image currently shows, then the coding at the top of the page should be removed. If it's the other way around, I can show you how to do that.
We're so glad you are adding information to the Wiki and hope you will continue to enjoy contributing to the Wiki. Jimmy B. Parker 06:05, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

I actually can't see the photograph of Thistleton, only the coding near the top of the page.  But, since we last spoke, I have been thinking that maybe a map of South Australia might be a better option rather than a picture of just one place.  What do you think.  I can get one to place on the top left hand side.

Sounds good. Maps almost always are attention-grabbers. However, you already have one map on the page. What would the other map contain? I will remove the unwanted code. Jimmy B. Parker 16:23, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

The map in question would be a map of South Australia on its own, showing some, but not all of the places there.  I wouldn't want to remove the existing map, as that shows just where South Australia is in relation to the rest of the continent.  If the map could be enlarged by clicking on it, would also be terrific. Regards BarbJones1