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To clarify for the users before they would open the record, I would suggest moving the following from below to the top portion of the section "African American Records" just before the document Family History Library Bibliography of African American Sources As of 1994:

 "Over the years African American sources have been cataloged in many different ways at the Family History Library. This Bibliography was created to make the African American genealogical sources easier to locate."

I am also adding a note for easier perusing of the site.

Thank you for this wonderful information to assist all people in finding their ancestors.

Gloriaannclark 16:53, 27 December 2011 (UTC)

This is a wonderful article with many resources included and we would like to use it as a featured article in the future.  Please correct the following link: Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Part A: African American, 1870 to Present.

Featured Article Committee members